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2/9/13 11:53 P

Thank you very much. I am ready for spring. Enough with the cold during my walks. I have been trying to alternate my workouts in different areas and moves. Been today was not my day, been coughing and sick all day. Of course 4 woman at work were sick. I just happen to catch it. I am bundling up and taking meds and pray I feel better before monday.

Again thank you all.

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2/9/13 9:16 A


Something you can use is the Map Your Route feature on your My Fitness Tracker (the button is located below the My Exercise box to the right). You can type in the starting address and then track your route and it will tell you the distance.

Keep up the awesome workouts!

Coach Nancy

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2/9/13 3:16 A

I would be inclined to think that the walking and the 10 minutes other workout should be enough on a daily basis. Rather than just abs every day, why not mix it up so that you are also working other areas of your body as well. Our arms, legs and other muscles also need to be factored in. Good for you for walking that extra distance to/from work :-)

For me, the distance walked isn't as important as the time you walked, and waked it reasonably briskly.


VALERIE19595 Posts: 285
2/9/13 12:26 A

OK here is the deal I have to park 6 blocks away from my work. So many miles is 12 blocks a say is? Just curious. I had a pedometor but it did not work right.

I am trying to put at least 10 min abs workout in the morn before leaving but I have to leave by 6am to get to the parking lot then walk 6 blocks to work and back to the car after work. I am also trying to add more workout before bed but it is kind of hard, but I feel I am trying. But I am going to do double workout on weekends.

Keep me in post, stay fit, stay positive and stay in touch;

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