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2/10/14 4:40 P

3% of your total remaining weight to lose gives you a reasonable, attainable guideline. At 188, you're likely not big enough to sustain a 2 lb per week weight loss anymore; under 200 lbs, that gets harder and harder.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
2/10/14 4:14 A

It will vary week to week. Just focus on losing some weight every week, and sticking to the diet. As you lose weight, you will burn less calories with the same activity, and so your weight loss will slow down as you near goal. If you aren't losing fast enough, you can add some more exercise if you feel like it, and if you are losing too fast, you may choose to add a few more calories. None of these " tweaks " should be done on a weekly basis.

You may lose 2 lbs in week 1, .6 lbs in week 2, and 1.5 in week 3, and 1.1 in week 4. That's 1.3 lbs a week average. That would be plenty. Whether you are losing 1/2 a lb a week, or 2 lbs a week doesn't matter. It is better to lose every week, or even most weeks, than to keep making changes, and stopping your progress.

Did you lose weight last week? If yes, then repeat again this week. Most of us know what works for us, and just fail to stick to it for any length of time. Even a 1/4 lb. a week, if followed for 4 years, will cause a 52 lb. loss., which would be amazing, and be incredibly healthy for you ( as long as you had 52 to lose.) Don't worry about whether you can lose 30, or 40 lbs. in the next 20 weeks, but whether you make progress this week, and then the next week.

Most often it all balances out,. Our bodies want to lose the weight, and be healthy, but few of us can lose 2 lbs a week, every week, or even 1 lb a week, over long periods. Next Monday, iIwill have been on my low carb, high fat diet ( most of the time ), for 250 weeks, and if I can lose 1.8 lbs ( probably not ), that would be 175 lbs. or just .7 lbs. a week.

Just eat properly, exercise, and take any weight loss every week, and be happy. Enjoy life, and in 6 months, you will be lighter, and probably healthier. It may be 10 lbs. or 22 lbs., and both are great results.

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2/10/14 12:05 A

I believe it's something like 3% of your *excess* weight, not total weight. So if you're goal weight was 150, at this point you could expect to lose a little over a pound a week.

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2/9/14 9:46 P

Honestly I think it's going to vary from person to person. It'll definitely vary depending on how much body fat a person has at a given weight, and probably a ton of other reasons as well.

Speaking purely for myself, I never changed how much I was eating at all (except when due to injury-induced lack of exercise) and to my surprise wound up slamming into my goal weight at pretty close to the same rate of speed as I'd been managing all along (roughly 1.5 pounds per week). I don't know why, but I kept expecting it to slow down on its own without changing anything, and it never really did. As a result, getting back to maintenance calories was a bit of a lengthy process, and resulted in me losing a further few pounds, which I've kept off along with the rest of them.

Other people keep a much closer eye on calories and adhere much more strictly to plans than I ever did, and slide on in gently a hundred calories at a time.

Play it by ear. I doubt there's a right or a wrong answer, certainly not that anyone could give you at this point. When you get closer you may find you have a strong preference yourself for how to run things the rest of the way.

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2/9/14 9:35 P

I know about the guidelines for healthy weight loss are up to 2 pounds per week (unless you are very obese, and then, you can expect more) on average. However, I'm wondering if there are more specific guidelines for that.

Currently, I weigh 188 pounds at 5'5" and Sparkpeople gives me a range of 1,200-1,550 calories per day to lose 2 pounds per week. This past week, I've been nearer to the lower end (since I don't have any potatoes here which I usually use as a side-dish), but I also plan on having a high calorie day tomorrow.

I know that people are often told that they may only see a quarter pound of weight loss per week as they get closer to their weight loss goals, but what are the guidelines for those numbers? Is it a loss of 1% per week (so 1.8 pounds per week for me now)?

At what point should someone change their goals from aiming to lose 2 pounds per week to aiming to lose 1.5 or 1 pounds a week?

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