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7/23/13 9:12 P

nope...for the Wallahalla pasta dish that used to be on the Outback's menu

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7/23/13 3:43 P

Ok, this is really random but Wallahalla, is the name for the city in South Carolina? Just curious.

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7/23/13 3:41 P

emoticon that really helps alot!

7/23/13 2:32 P

For most meat, I estimate that 4 ounces raw, cooks down to 3 ounces when prepared.
Just make sure when you enter, you are using the correct form (raw or cooked).

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7/23/13 1:35 P

I've noticed it really varies on the brand and how I cook it. Some brands (including those in the big bags you buy frozen) are injected with solutions, and those tend to lose more. But when I'm pre-tracking, I assume a half oz of loss, but often it ends up being 1 or more.

BTW if you are buying those frozen bags, you really need to read the labels... a lot of them have a decent amount of sodium because of the injected solutions.

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7/23/13 1:15 P

here's where a kitchen scale becomes your best friend!

I just cook them, and then put my dinner plate on my scale, tare it to zero, drop on my serving of meat and voila, I know how many ounces to put down in my nutrition tracker. The Spark nutrition tracker gives you the nutritional information for "cooked" ounces anyways, so this is the simpler way to do things.

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7/23/13 12:41 P

I know when you cook chicken, it loses weight due to the loss of water. I always use boneless, skinless frozen chicken breasts, because my family only eats white meat, and doesn't like wings. The bag says a serving size is 4 oz., but that is for a frozen breast. They are not all the same size. The nutrition tracker only has figures for cooked chicken, so I don't know much weight loss to account for when I am using it in recipes. I am pretty new at cooking and don't mind to admit I need "cooking for dummies" type help. I can't learn if I don't ask. I am trying to makeover some recipes so that they are lower in sodium and healthier choices for my family, but I can't get accurate nutritional info if I'm not entering in the right amounts. Clear as mud?

Can anybody help me please?

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