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DLSMITH9 Posts: 298
3/15/10 10:11 A

I STRONGLY suggest that you increase your calories to at least 1200 a day minimum. By eating only 1000 a day, you are going to be putting your body into a state of metabolic shut down (no matter how short you are). Your body is going to think you are starving and prevent you from losing any weight. This effect is going to be especially prone to happen with you, since you are so close to your goal weight. People who have hundreds of pounds to lose can lose weight with a very restricted caloric intake, because their bodies realize that they have ample supplies of extra fat. However your body (since you are already so close to your healthy weight range) is going to think are you in a famine and totally shut down. The best way to lose weight once you are only working off those last 20 lbs or so is to maintain your caloric intake at your BMR (Basil Metabolic Weight) and get your calorie deficit through exercise. I know you say you don't have the time for this, but you unfortunately have to make the time if you want the weight to come off. Not the answer you want, but it's the right one...

Myself, I started this year at 130 lbs. I am currently 114 lbs. I have been eating 1300-1700 calories a day with at least five 30 minute workouts each week. I have noticed that it is after I have a day when I go over my calories that I start losing large amounts of weight. For example, this weekend on Friday night, I had beer and 2 slices of take-out sausage pizza for the first time in 2 months- I have lost 2 pounds since then. Eating let my body know that everything was alright, that it was okay to let those fat cells go, because I have a steady intake of (especially fatty) food.

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GIDGET517 Posts: 72
3/14/10 10:06 P

You need to get creative with the exercise. Get on the floor with your kids and play with them, lifting with your legs let them be airplanes, roll around, do push ups with them on your back, play horsee. This will help them to get moving too. You could do this for 30 minutes at time or in 10 minute bursts. I also have to eat at the lower end of the calorie scale to lose pounds. I try to make sure I get enough exercise so that if I have a high calorie day it will not spoil the whole week.

3/14/10 9:30 P

Thanks for all the opinions. One main reason for wanting to aim lower is because I don't get a lot of time to exercise, at all. My kids are very clingy and require tons of attention. For example, the 30 minutes of freesteps I did the other day, I only got 2,900 steps. The last 10 minutes of those steps, I had to hold my daughter. Definitely a work out there. lol

4'10", I'm 2 inches taller then my 8 year old cousin, though she weighs 140.5lbs unfortunately. I just feel like the suggestions here, or on any normal website are suggestions for average height people. I'm shirt, with about a medium bone structure.

I have been setting my goal for 1300 calories a day. Today was pretty much my first day of real diet. I had a slim fast for breakfast, a 12 grain whole wheat wrap for lunch, (just the wrap, I like them plain) and for dinner, a whole wheat pita with hummus, spinach, tomato and turkey breast. Which was actually very good and filling. Also had an Iced Cap from Tim Hortons. I'm up to 1038 calories, remaining today: 162 - 262. Carbs remaining: 7 - 80, I have had 156. Fat, I've had 24, remaining: 8 - 32. And protein I've had 32, remaining 28 - 95.

Was thinking of a strawberry banana Whey protein shake later tonight, but I'm not too sure I should. I just don't really know what to do here. Can I aim for between 1000 to 1300 calories daily? Would that be a safe range?

YIYEHTOV Posts: 794
3/11/10 8:28 A

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can see why at 4'11" you might be healthy going below 1200. Spark won't let you go below 1200, which is usually a healthy lower limit, but at your height you might be able to. As an experiment, I'd see how much cardio you have to do each week until your lower limit goes ABOVE 1200 (Spark automatically adjusts your limits when you change your fitness plan) ... then you'll know that Spark is no longer pushing up your lower limit and you'll see how much exercise you would have to do for this range to DEFINITELY be the range you should aim for. I'm not saying you should do that amount of exercise, but that will let you know how far off you are. Makes sense?

Also, I'm personally a big fan of setting gentle goals (less than one pound lost each week) but then trying to get into the lower half of my calories range each day. This way I have the flexibility to eat more and still be in my range on special days, and I feel really good about being ahead of schedule most weeks. :) Assuming your lower range isn't being pushed up because 1200 is the lowest Spark lets you go, the "perfect" amount to eat to make your schedule is 200 calories above the bottom limit, so if you stick to the bottom half of your range you should end up ahead of schedule.

Good luck!


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MORGNSGRL Posts: 465
3/11/10 7:31 A

Believe me, I know how tempting it is to just get to your goal as quickly as possible, but in the long run it's true that slow and steady is best. If SP is recommending 1200 as a minimum, I would definitely NOT eat less than 1200 per day.

MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
3/11/10 4:45 A

A 1200kcal diet should be best..1000kcal diet should only be encouraged if your bed ridden? I mean not able to exercise and just probably kept on bed or much like a coma patient..etc..

3/11/10 2:01 A

As you incorporate more fruits and veggies, you'll find that you're consuming less calories and a lot less sodium, because fruits and veggies are low-cal yet they have a lot of volume so they feel filling (just beware of salad dressing's sodium - use vinegar).

I have a problem with too much sodium as well. Try using citrus juice or vinegar instead of salt to flavor veggies or meat. Cook plain (unseasoned) meat whenever possible as opposed to using cold cuts or precooked/seasoned meat.

I like to get meat that cooks quickly, like really thin steaks you can fry up in 3 minutes, or fish fillets 'cause they only take 10-20 minutes to bake usually.

Finally, skim milk is a nice way to add protein without adding fat.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
3/10/10 10:12 P


Because you're so petite, exercise is going to be far more important for you than it is for a lot of people. Weight loss happens when you burn more calories than you eat. Most people burn a lot of calories just moving their bodies around in normal activities, but the less you weigh, the fewer calories it takes to move your own weight. Someone who's average height and a little overweight might use 2000 calories every day even if they don't exercise. At your size, you probably only burn about 1400. If both of you eat 1200 calories and don't exercise, they'll lose about 1.5 pounds a week, while you'll lose a little less than 1/2 pound. But both of you need the same amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and so on, so you need the same minimum amount of food. (1200 calories is the smallest amount of food that will provide a woman's minimum daily needs, on average.) If you're going to lose faster, you have to widen the gap between what you eat and what you burn by increasing the amount you burn. You really can't eat much less.

3/10/10 9:51 P

Thanks Becky.
I ate as normal today, but added some Whey Protein powder in as I wasn't even halfway to the begining range of my daily intake, the calories came to 1243, though I forgot to add in this strawberry smoothie I'm currently drinking. I'm pretty sure the 1200 - 1550 that SP suggests is already my daily intake. There are a few things I need to start doing though. I almost never drink water unless its in something, coffee for example. The most exercise I get is chasing my 1 and 2 year old around all day. I'm sure I could eat healthier though and also need to watch my fat intake. I'm sure I have to be over doing it in that area. I'm not too sure how to cut my sodium intake, everything is full of it. I'll aim at sticking around the lower ends of what SP says my daily should be for everything, add a ton of water, exercise, start eating veggies and fruit on a daily basis.

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3/10/10 8:46 P

Definately begin an exercise program.
Because of your shorter stature, You may want to aim for the lower end of your calorie range. See how you feel, your energy level, and monitor your weekly weight loss. If you are losing about 1/2 pound weekly...then continue on.
Dietitian Becky

3/10/10 5:06 P

Yes, SP says I should be getting between 1200 - 1550 calories a day. I'm really new at this, never exercised before or anything, so the advice is very appreciated! Is it okay to limit myself to 1200 - 1250 a day? I weigh 136lbs and am 4'10".

3/10/10 1:43 P

Have you entered your information here at SP to get a safe and appropriate calorie, protein, fat and carb range. I agree with all the others...1000 calories is too low for most adults.

dietitian Becky

ALICAT207 Posts: 76
3/10/10 12:31 P

That's too low girl! Your body will rebel against that. Any pounds lost will be put back on when you increase your calorie intake. Calorie restrictions that low are sometimes used in hospitals for very obese patients, but they are under a doctor's close supervision during that time. Bump it up to 1200 minimum.

IMLUVN8 Posts: 581
3/10/10 12:25 P

Yup, too low. No good.

ETCUMMINGS SparkPoints: (0)
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3/10/10 12:04 P

1000 calories is too low. Sparkpeople recommends around 1220/1200 as the lowest caloric intake or else your body goes into starvation mode. I would recommend using their nutrition tracker. Also, click on 'my tools' and at the bottom you can input your weight and height. It will give you an estimated caloric intake. It gives you recommendations for fats, carbs and protein as well.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (196,863)
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3/10/10 12:03 P

an appropriate intake is a minimum of 1200 calories.

3/10/10 12:00 P

For a 1000 cal diet, how much of the following would be an appropriate intake?


And is there anything else I should track? If so, what's an appropriate amount?

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