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TURRRRA Posts: 1,572
2/1/10 3:52 P

I usually use an 8 pound medicine ball for my ab work. I like to do crunches and twists for my abs with them. I also like to sit on a balance ball AND use a medicine ball when I need something a little more challenging. I find that I get better results with the added resistance of a medicine ball. You can definitely substitute another item for it. I have used different weights, not just a ball, for such exercises. You can always start smaller and add more weight with time.

POSEY440, I haven't seen the balls you can fill with water. I know they make these kinds of weights for traveling (dumbbells too), but the kinds I have used do not have water in them and are just weighted balls.

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2/1/10 1:52 P

is this the balls you can fill with water ?

SHARYN/AJ Posts: 1,456
2/1/10 1:28 P

Hey, I have two sandbags for yoga, they would be perfect, at least for trying out the exercise. I've not heard of kettleballs, those I did google :)

I think you are all correct, flour could be really messy, but my sandbag will be perfect. Thank you!

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1/31/10 4:01 P

I suppose you could use a sack of flour, but I wouldn't myself because seems like all of them kick off flour dust.

Medicine balls are really not that expensive. I have a 4 lb one and a 6 lb one at the moment, but I will probably get an 8 lb eventually. I think the 6 lb one cost about $12 or so at Target. 4 lb one less.

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1/31/10 2:43 P

Hi Sherrie,

I have them from four pounds to fifteen (and a nice rack now, as a Christmas present)!

They don't all get the same amount of use. For me, when I want something 15 pounds that's round, it's usually my kettlebell (those I have in 15, 20, 25 pounds).

If I want to add just a tiny bit to a stretch involving extended arms, say, I'll pick up the four pounder. That is usually after a warmup and helps especially for side/lengthening stretches.

During a workout, usually it's the 8-10 I'll pick up. It adds just a little oomph to bodyweight activities. Try a jumping jack or plyo jump with a medicine ball held extended/soft elbows over the top of your head or in front of your chest and you'll see what I mean :) Also, the functional fitness (such as in Insanity and P90X plyo), where you do a motion as though leaping up and throwing a basketball.

I noticed I have to be a little careful about weight choice and how far away I hold the ball, to avoid stressing elbows and back.

BTW, did you know that sandbags and similar also have an enthusiastic following? Some people (I'm thinking of pro athlete coaches) prefer those to medicine balls, because the shifting weight makes the workout a little different every time! I hope you'll post your experiences with the flour as I've wondered for awhile if that would make a good inexpensive sandbag, or just a big mess when/if I drop it :)

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1/31/10 2:32 P

I personally find a 10 or 12 pound ball to be the most versatile.

SHARYN/AJ Posts: 1,456
1/31/10 2:14 P

thank you both. I did 'think' about googling, but then I wouldn't be having a conversation about it :)
with nice people

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1/31/10 1:57 P

It depends on the size. They come in many different sizes. The ones at my gym come in 6, 8, 10 and 12 pound sizes. They can be larger. However, the larger the medicine ball, the more expensive it is.

You may find a bag of potatoes a sturdier substitute than a bag of flour.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/31/10 1:57 P

I've googled your query and can get nothing more helpful than "From 2 to 25lbs".

So I guess as long as you don't use some large 40lb sack of flour - you'll probably be using a suitable replacement. :)

SHARYN/AJ Posts: 1,456
1/31/10 1:45 P

I got a fitness magazine this week that suggests using one along with the balance ball. Thought I'd try it first with a bag of flour or something than could substitute for the medicine ball weight.

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