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JQUIBELL Posts: 130
9/29/11 12:32 P

I know this thread is old, but this is exactly what I'm feeling like today!

I have 2 girls (3 and 1.5) and no matter what we try, we just can't seem to get it together in the morning!

I swear if I hear, "But I don't want too!!" one more time, my head is going to explode!
Really?!? Just get dressed and for heavens sakes KEEP YOUR SHOES AND SOCKS ON!!!

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
7/26/11 9:49 A

I feel your pain. Last fall I made a customized checklist for each of my 3 kids (now 2nd grade and two 5th graders) and they have 30 minutes to get that checklist done. It includes brushing their teeth, getting dressed, getting their lunch into their backpacks, and certain daily specifics like wearing sneakers if it's gym day. IF the list is done, they have an extra 15 or 20 minutes in the morning to do as they please. If it's not done and they aren't ready or if they forget something, it's on them!

Maybe you can do a checklist sort of thing with pictures, since they might not be able to read yet?

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7/25/11 2:22 P

I still have morning royal battles with my teenagers-- especially when they've had a particularly active day the day before!

One thing will work for awhile, then those silly kids get bored with it, then you try something else.

This is one of many issues that we as parents face. The main thing is that we keep on parenting, loving, and setting boundaries. One of those boundaries (that I struggle with) is to not let their routine interfere with yours. I finally had to resort to getting up extra early to get my exercise done. That alone time is what I need and treasure--even though I love my husband and kids-- and just enough to get me through the day and know I took care of myself. After "falling off the wagon" with both food and exercise, and exceeding my starting weight (how much I won't admit) I'm back on track now and everybody is happier for that at my house!

LUCYCT001 Posts: 66
7/21/11 4:57 A

The race idea works sometimes for us, but not every morning. I've tried laying clothes out, rewards everything, sticker charts. Some mornings nothing works and I just want to kill him. However these things will pass one day! That all said Ted ate a lovely breakfast this morning, so not all bad. He will be 4 next month.

7/19/11 3:18 P

I like the race idea, so hope you don't mind if I borrow that.

That is good to hear Michael that these morning nightmares are just temporary. : )

7/18/11 9:08 P

Well, I don't have any ideas to help, but I do have one thing to say. My son is 15 and I barely remember our morning routine from when he was 7 or 8. If it's any consolation, keep in mind that one day, this day will be hard to remember.
It will be over before you know it and soon your kid(s) will be 15, or 20...or an adult with his / her own kids and own struggles.

Today is certainly a challenge, but it won't last forever.


7/18/11 7:02 P

My son is like this (he is 8), but getting better. He is very competitive so when I really want him to do something we race. Its for bragging rights, as he has never asked for a prize nor has one been offered.

I usually start with getting myself ready, I am not a morning person and some quiet alone time is nice. When I get him up he usually likes to have another 5 minutes to be lazy and I set an egg timer (that is really annoying when it beeps). When the 5 minutes are up he is to get up, pee, get dressed, make his bed, brush his teeth. If there is any dawdling I just simply say I'm going to win the race this morning. He usually always will hurry up and win so he can brag and tell me he's a winner when I get downstairs for breakfast.

So maybe racing would work for you too, maybe a tally for the week and work on improving the score!

I will usually always let him win too, so he feels good about what he has done.

7/18/11 6:51 P

Apparently, we are the only two parents having this issue.

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7/18/11 12:31 P

My 4 y.o. is not a morning kid. When I get up early for my early morning workout classes, I always experience a sense of dread about even entering his room. He will dawdle and complain and moan and pull his pillow over his head. I plead, I coax, I even bribe him I'm anxious to hear others' advice. Since I know it takes extra time to get him around, I will get up and before I get myself ready I go ahead and go wake him up. I turn some music on that I know he likes to sort of speed things up (doesn't always work though), I lay his clothes out, but I usually have to help him get dressed.

We do stuff like brushing our teeth at bedtime and throughout the day when I know he is more alert. He always puts his shoes on the wrong feet, but at least he has them on, is my theory. And I praise him for the stuff he does do.

But I'm still anxious to hear others' routines!

Blessings, Michelle

7/18/11 10:05 A

Getting ready in the morning with two preschoolers is similar to trying to make the number on the scale go down--nearly impossible! How many times do you have to tell your kid to get dressed? Put shoes on? Brush teeth? Doing the same thing 5x a week should make one realize that it is going to happen whether they want it to or not. I try to graduate from verbal cues to consequences, but by the time I get in the car, I realize I didn't do what I need for myself!

Anyone else have the morning royale battles with little ones? What works for you?

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