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10/20/12 9:42 P

It's difficult to track "servings". Say you have a sandwich - one lettuce leaf in it and a single slice of tomato. Is that a "serving" of vegetables? Was that enough for a serving?

Try to use the "fits in the palm of your hand" guide, as it works for most people. If you honestly believe that the bulk of vegetables you ate were enough to constitute an entire serving, then they probably were. When it's really really not, you'll get a sense that is a very small amount.

I think it's also roughly something like 1 c of raw vegies or 1/2 c cooked.

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10/20/12 9:17 P

Here in NZ we are taught from a young age that a serving of fresh fruit/veg fits in the palm of your hand. So a serving for a large man will be different from a small woman which will be different from a child. How many fit into the cupped palm of your hand? That would be the amount I would go with.

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10/20/12 9:14 P

Hi Thanks for the reply!
I'm not worried about calories at all in asking this question.
I have a goal to get 5 servings of veggies per day and I don't want to "cheat" myself by just guessing and only eating 3 radishes when 6 is full serving of veggies.
Does that make sense? I'm doing it for the health benefits of the vegetables.
Calories are a different matter.

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10/20/12 4:15 P

Depends how big your radishes are.

A "serving" of vegetables is about what will fit into the cupped palm of your hand. I would call that about 3 radishes, but I don't know if your radishes are the same size as what I think of as radishes.

But honestly ... radishes? It ain't gonna matter. 1 "large" is 1.4 calories. 3 is 4.3 calories. Even if you thought 7 was a "serving" that's 10.1 calories - or a 6 calorie difference from what I think a "serving" is. Whether you get the serving size of radishes right is not going to affect your day in the slightest.

Get "some" radishes. :)

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10/20/12 3:52 P


I'm looking for how many radishes are in one serving of vegetables...I'm talking about individual, fresh radishes...not slices, not cups of radishes,etc. All I can find is calorie information and not how many radishes it takes to equal 1 full serving of veggies.

Thanks!! emoticon

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