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TLCFME Posts: 1,444
10/17/10 8:09 P

Sometimes I forget and sometimes I really want to know how people are going to respond. emoticon emoticon

ANNE1123 Posts: 2,218
10/17/10 7:53 P

most of the time I remember unless I really want an answer to a post

JUANITA9801 Posts: 264
10/14/10 10:34 P

maybe once I think

10/14/10 10:03 P

I'm getting better but I usually remember to unclick.

10/14/10 6:21 P

sometimes i do and sometimes i don't

PJMATH Posts: 2,925
10/13/10 1:34 P

I usually do it before I start to type to make sure I catch it. I agree, the default needs to be changed!

ELLEN0407 Posts: 2,037
10/13/10 10:33 A

oh i hate that!

MAUREENV2 Posts: 3,853
10/10/10 7:30 P

I used to forget all the time- but now I mostly remember.

10/10/10 12:39 A

I'm pretty good at it.

CHARDANU Posts: 488
10/9/10 11:44 P

I did this time!

BLOOM49 SparkPoints: (53)
Fitness Minutes: (5,032)
Posts: 335
10/9/10 7:05 P

I remember because I don't need lots of extra e-mail.

10/9/10 5:32 A

Same for me as for DonnaRaeJ!

I am diligent, too! (Not to imply I never forget, though!)

DONNARAEJ SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,104)
Posts: 227
10/7/10 1:37 P

I have become diligent about unclicking it after getting lots of emails that I didn't want.

MARLIMOO Posts: 732
10/7/10 8:23 A

I agree ... The default should be changed. People look for excuses all the time- some of my friends STOPPED using sparks because of that reason. Too many emails. Silly I know but just sayin...

DHSPARK SparkPoints: (46,601)
Fitness Minutes: (25,363)
Posts: 4,394
10/7/10 1:13 A

Getting better but I forget ALL the time. I remembered for this one though (only 'cause we're talking about it!).

Deb :)

SMARGED SparkPoints: (86,240)
Fitness Minutes: (46,103)
Posts: 3,139
10/7/10 12:47 A

Lots of times! But I'm learning! emoticon

BRITOMART Posts: 8,249
10/7/10 12:38 A

Used to. Not so often now, and when I do, I just DON'T click the email link, and that ends it. No harm, no foul.

FRAN0426 Posts: 21,082
10/6/10 2:33 P

Sometimes, and it can be annoying

NICOLEM123451 Posts: 30
10/4/10 5:03 P

Every once in a while. It's pretty annoying.

KEITHA39 SparkPoints: (28,261)
Fitness Minutes: (50,270)
Posts: 778
10/4/10 2:35 P

I agree with Linaka. The default needs to be changed. It's a pain when you forget to click and receive emails all the time.

In fact, I'll try to contact the powers that be to see if this might not be changed.

MOCACHOC SparkPoints: (64,731)
Fitness Minutes: (47,071)
Posts: 3,127
10/4/10 2:05 P

I used too, but not anymore. My email was flooded with replies. I make sure that never happens again.

FERRETLOVER1 SparkPoints: (442,331)
Fitness Minutes: (237,499)
Posts: 12,161
10/3/10 7:01 A

It took a while for me to remember to unclick it, but once in a while I still do forget! I think it's really funny when I forget!

TISTEN23 SparkPoints: (31,222)
Fitness Minutes: (38,120)
Posts: 1,301
10/2/10 11:42 P

I do almost always! then my email gets flooded! all I can do is laugh at myself for that one!!! LOL

LINDAE12 Posts: 484
10/1/10 10:47 P

I forget it all the time

PKJONES2 Posts: 469
10/1/10 7:43 P

I forget to click, glad some of them are automatic.

10/1/10 7:36 P

Happens to me all the time - they need to reverse the default setting!

GATORJOY Posts: 5,201
10/1/10 1:27 P I check out the message because sometimes I want a reply. emoticon

GTOGIRL67 Posts: 1,524
10/1/10 10:07 A

i used to but not anymore. lost out on too much before.

SERVANT10 Posts: 67
9/30/10 10:10 P

not anymore

SUZIEQS65 Posts: 1,781
9/30/10 6:09 P

Drives me nuts when I forget that...*L*

TIJ-RAH Posts: 885
9/29/10 11:28 P

Sometimes I forget and it becomes annoying. I agree with stampingaddict.

9/29/10 10:53 P

I totally agree with stampingaddict. Reverse it so that you have to CLICK to receive an email from someone adding to the message board.

(((must remember to UNCLICK before posting this)))

SEIBLESS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,455)
Posts: 425
9/27/10 9:04 P

agreed! I almost always forget and I never read the emails unless it was a post that had a question I wanted the answer to.

Fitness Minutes: (10,902)
Posts: 5,408
9/27/10 7:46 P

Often... I wish it was reversed and you clicked if you wanted a response! It would make more sense as it seems more people DONT want to be emailed! SP emoticon

Edited by: STAMPINGADDICT at: 9/27/2010 (19:47)
REMAREIS1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (26,436)
Posts: 568
9/25/10 8:38 A

sometimes, but I am getting better

FRAN0426 Posts: 21,082
9/24/10 10:20 P

Sometimes I forget to click

KASSAY25 Posts: 3,218
9/24/10 5:23 P

i have started paying more attention to it now, but i am still suffering the consequences from when i failed to do so in the past lol .. quite annoying, but i just deleted the notices as they come. emoticon

TNMITCH Posts: 669
9/22/10 1:54 A

I usually forget.


MISSY0356 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (31,245)
Posts: 1,209
9/21/10 9:34 P

I usually remember

ZACKSMOM7 Posts: 1,612
9/21/10 4:43 P

sometimes I do!!

PHOEBEN9 Posts: 214
9/21/10 10:44 A

lol I remember most of the time, but have my moments :D

DSAKHOLLI Posts: 101
9/20/10 10:39 P

At least 1/2 the time. I am getting better though!

CASSARM1 Posts: 433
9/20/10 5:04 P

All the time

MEANCARLEEN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (34,898)
Posts: 2,209
9/20/10 8:15 A

Not anymore...Thank goodness...LOL

9/20/10 4:13 A

I try really hard to remember to unclick when I don't want an email, and while I don't always do so, I am getting better!

9/19/10 11:37 P

me a lot!

SKILILY34 Posts: 479
9/19/10 9:42 P

So far I always remember but sometimes I post on those games, like lets count to a million. I would be really annoyed if I forgot to unclick it on one of those!

VITAMINK09 Posts: 364
9/17/10 4:45 P

All the time!

MECHANGEL SparkPoints: (23,702)
Fitness Minutes: (17,854)
Posts: 57
9/17/10 1:00 P

I do.

GATORJOY Posts: 5,201
9/17/10 12:42 P

" I want an email to be sent to me when anyone replies to this topic." emoticon

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