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3/8/12 6:16 P

There are lots of people who walk them, so no worries there. The only thing I would ask is to stay at the back of the pack so we runners don't have to trip over you and possibly curse and push you out of the way (lol) to try to get our PR!

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3/8/12 1:36 P

There is absolutely nothing wrong with walking part or an entire 5k. You will see people out there with strollers and pets walking/running. Everyone participates to help the cause, for fun and exercise. Enjoy yourself. The people around you will have your adrenaline rushing. You'll feel great crossing the finish line and knowing you finished something.


HEYBUTT Posts: 769
3/7/12 3:41 P

I've only done one 5K and I ran the whole thing (because I was ready--if I felt I needed to walk I would have).

My friends did the same race and walked the whole thing.

How many walkers/runners really depends on how many total participants there are. The race I did was one of the larger ones around here (several thousand folks) so there were plenty of all types of participants.

Most races will have you register what you plan to do (walk or run) and then will put you in the pack accordingly (walkers to the back of the group since they will be slower).

The important part is to be honest with yourself. If you feel walking the whole way is best for you, then do it. You can always keep training and do another race and work up to running.

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3/7/12 2:22 P

My city hosts a 5k/10k annually and many people walk or walk/run the 5k. I usually run my races (most of which are longer distances) and walk the water stops. I think if you mostly walk, you won't be alone.

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3/7/12 2:18 P

Do you run, walk, or run/walk the 5ks you participate in? I am doing my first one on the 18th and I know they accept walkers, but I'm wondering if I'll be one of the only people mostly walking...

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