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KLEVERKIRA Posts: 1,099
12/9/08 7:19 P

Ditto pps. An ounce of nuts is one serving.

PWRHSE2 Posts: 3,549
12/9/08 7:05 P

Usualy the amount is one ounce.

BROWNEYES8 SparkPoints: (148,638)
Fitness Minutes: (30,183)
Posts: 4,517
12/9/08 4:48 P

Most nuts have different serving sizes. They are all small amounts. A handful is all you should eat, at most.

NORWAYNANCY Posts: 1,566
12/9/08 4:43 P

I do not eat nuts every day-when I do it is what my palm holds. small amount.

LYNZEY02 Posts: 140
12/9/08 12:32 A

i eat honey roasted peanuts, dry roasted... just like a couple tablespoons. i hate raw peanuts so ill eat less of the sugary kind

12/8/08 10:54 P

Thanks everyone. I have a habit of snacking at my desk, so having the 3 servings will hopefully last me the day. I'll see how it goes tomorrow.

For my calorie level, if I remember I had to keep adding things to get to 1200. As for the fats and carbs, they are usually high so I'm working on that.

12/8/08 9:50 P

I usually have an ounce, or just a small handful if I'm feeling adventurous and don't weigh them.

I counted my almonds today, and yes there were 24 in an ounce. They're usually pretty uniform in size, so I think you can count out 24 fairly safely and assume its an ounce.

3 servings of nuts may be a little over the top, depending on your calorie goal and what your macro breakdown (your pie chart) looks like.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,325
12/8/08 9:46 P

a serving of nuts is one ounce. you'll have fewer cashews in a serving because they are larger. almonds are in the middle [and most of mine say 24 almonds in an ounce]. and you'll get more peanuts in an ounce than the others.
most nuts you're looking at just under 200 cals per serving. so if you are having three servings, just make sure your range is large enough to fit that and everything else you need in it. i tend to have about a serving per day on average. i tend to be running around all day and having a quick and easy snack that won't go bad is a huge plus for me. couple that with eating very little meat and nuts are perfect for me. you just have to see how they work for you.

RHOOPER2 Posts: 18
12/8/08 9:29 P

I began eating nuts when I learned that they are belly fat blasters. However, I'm still confused on whether the caloire count vs the fat blasting is really worth it. Still not sure, when I do have nuts - chopped I only have a palm full in my oatmeal and a 1/4 palm in a salad.

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CYNTHIA_1979 Posts: 266
12/8/08 9:22 P

According to most of the information I've ever come across, the recommended serving for nuts is slightly under a handful. For specific nuts such as almonds 12-15 counts as one serving.

MELGIRL03 Posts: 181
12/8/08 9:14 P

I really like raw almonds and I eat one serving when I enjoy them as a snack.

12/8/08 9:00 P

Nuts are supposed to be good for you. But how many are we supposed to be eating? For snack tomorrow, I measured out one serving of the following: cashews, peanuts and almonds.

Is it just one serving of nuts a day, or a couple? How much is to much because they are high in fat...but it's the good type of fat.

I'm SO CONFUSED!! emoticon

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