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12/17/11 6:05 P

Thanks. I do both cardio and strength exercises. I don't want to loose weight too fast and end up with more weight than I lost. So, I will stick to the weekly 1 lb.

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12/17/11 3:50 P

As mentioned 2lbs per week is considered a safe goal but more than that when you lose weight slowly it is easier to maintain. Put another way, 1lb of fat = approx 3500 calories so to lose 2lbs of fat per week you need to be 1000 calories below daily caloric requirements. Most people will achieve a caloric deficit through a combination of diet and exercise - I consider 500 calories below a sustainable goal, so 1lb per week is probably more realistic. As exercise goes, it is recommended people do cardiovascular and resistance exercise. Resistance exercise raises your metabolism for longer periods than cardio exercise and having a bit more strength never hurts

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12/17/11 1:56 P

thank you

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12/17/11 1:45 P

In reading, I've always come across 2 lbs a week max. My Doc said the same thing. Check with your physician, he may be aware of underlying issues for you and adjust that.

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12/17/11 12:59 P

It depends how much you have to lose. The higher your weight loss goal, the faster you're likely to lose. Based on your ticker, I'd say around 1 lb per week would be average.

Coach Jen

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12/17/11 12:52 P

I'm trying to figure out how many lbs is normal to loose weekly. I'm not sure if that's what I'm loosing. Is anyone loosing that amount weekly, and how?

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