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9/30/12 8:54 P

I have lost a bucket load of weight (check my weight-ticker) but have lost about 1" from my waist (around my navel where the Dietitian measures me!) I LOOK like I have lost weight all over, and I have gone from a NZ size 20-22, but now am mainly in a 12-14 top or 16 bottoms. The only place left to drop is my abdomen.


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9/30/12 3:45 P

Thanks everybody. I guess I was just disaapointed and needed some encouragement that I am on the right track. I started jogging again which I hope will help "melt" those inches away!

STRONG_SARAH Posts: 1,203
9/30/12 3:19 P

I understand, it happens to me too. I seem to lose weight from the top down. My face and breasts get smaller before my stubborn belly does. It'll take a while before I see some change in my belly and hips.
Don't lose hope, it'll happen!

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9/30/12 3:16 P


Any inches lost is good ! The problem is that everyone really is different. Someone who is 5 tall and weighs 150 pounds is going to lose inches at a different rate than someone who is 6 ft fall and 300 pounds.

How many inches a person loses really does depend on genetics as well as how their body responds to diet and exercise. it's tough to gauge. Some people will lose inches and pounds faster than others. And some people will lose more slowly. That's just the way weight loss is, no standardization.

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9/30/12 1:46 P

Sounds pretty good to me!

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9/30/12 12:28 P

I don't think there's any "normal" for inch loss. As you said, anything headed in the right direction is good!

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9/30/12 12:21 P

My numbers on the scale have been great overall. I have lost 20 pounds in about 8 weeks. I have only been tracking my measurements for the last month. So, I don't know how many inches that I have lost overall, but I have only lost 2 total inches in the last month. Can anyone tell me if this is "good"? I know that any move down is a step in the right direction, but I was disappointed because I felt like I should have seen more of a change? Any thoughts?

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