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11/22/13 11:04 A

What you may want to try is using option 2 from this page:
, since you aren't able to enter your workouts until later in the day. You can update your calories burned goal to reflect what you burn in an average week and your nutrition goals will be the same for you each day using that option.

Coach Denise

11/21/13 8:07 P

When I track exercise (which I do in the evening) it adds the calories to my total but, it's kind of late at night for me to eat. I can't do the enter my exercise earlier in the day because I don't know how much I will do. Maybe if I eat the next day for the calories I worked off the day before that would work?

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11/19/13 10:49 A

If you use the nutrition and fitness trackers it becomes so easy because it adjust your nutrition to fit your activity and fitness level. You can also keep track of (and learn a lot!) about the nutrients your body is getting.
You're not going to go into starvation mode by going under 1200 calories though I am not recommending that and it is not what I do. That term is overused, you can google it if you want to know what it really means.
If you are have a calorie deficit you will lose weight.
I can not emphasize enough how helpful the nutrition and fitness trackers are in this regard and I highly recommend that you take advantage of them.
Good luck on your journey!

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
11/19/13 10:44 A

As NANLEYKW mentioned, having your calories burned amount goal entered, will give you the correct nutrition goals for your activity level so there isn't any guessing involved and you don't have to do the math. This page has info on how to update your calories burned goal:

Coach Denise

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11/19/13 12:14 A

you should eat minimum of 1200cal so that your body doesn't go into starvation mode.this intake is without taking any exercise.but you should try getting minimum 20 min walk so that your body start losing fat wihout any muscle mass will results in 4week time if you strictly follow this.

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11/18/13 10:14 P

If you put the number of calories you burn in a week into your SP profile, it will give you a range that takes that into account, so as long as you continue to burn approximately that many calories, you should still eat within the range SP gives you.

11/18/13 10:07 P

This is going to be a kind of confusing question...please bear with me.

I am currently a little over 200 pounds and 5'2" tall. My goal is to walk 10,000 or more steps per day. My suggested calorie range is 1200-1550 calories. If I burn 400 calories a day by walking, do I then still eat 1200-1550 calories or is that the amount if I'm inactive? I don't want to eat a too small amount of calories because I hear that's not good for metabolism and harder to maintain.

I try to eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack...smaller "meals" more frequently than the usual "breakfast, lunch and dinner".

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