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1/8/10 3:13 P

I wouldn't put oil in the pasta water, either. Try putting cloves of garlic in with the pasta when boiling. The oil from the garlic will help the noodles not stick to each other and give it more flavor, and there's minimal calories.

I also agree with the others. If there's still oil puddles in the pan, you're probably using too much. Try cutting it back or using Pam.

JMOMMY10 Posts: 45
1/8/10 9:14 A

If you're trying to lose, I'd cut it out entirely. Pam makes all kinds of sprays including olive oil and butter...I would use those instead. I've never put oil in water when I've cooked pasta either.

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1/8/10 7:26 A

If you use 1 TBL of fat then you must add approximately 100 calories. If you pan has a lot of oil left after cooking, then you should be using much less oil to start with.
Try using a oil spray and a very little oil, just enough to keep from sticking.
Or better still, use an other method of cooking with doesn't require added fat. Your waist line will love you. emoticon

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
1/8/10 5:16 A

If there is a lot of butter left in the pan... then you must hae used a lot of butter to begin with!

Try using a smaller amount, then you will know accurately when there is nothing left wasted.

ANDORETH1 Posts: 172
1/7/10 11:34 P

Well, first thing I would say is that I was taught to not put oil in pasta water. Not to reduce calories, but because it lubricates the spaghetti and makes it harder for the sauce to stick to it. You kind of end up with a pile of spaghetti sitting on top of a pool of sauce. And you don't need the oil if you just make sure to cook the pasta in plenty of water - it won't clump.

If you want the flavor of the oil, better to use it in the sauce, so you can know how much you are eating.

CRISI83 Posts: 1
1/7/10 7:18 P

I'm trying to keep track of my calories, but I'm not sure how I calculate in things like oil to cook in, olive oil in pasta, etc. It doesn't seem like all of the calories or cooking stuff would end up in my final meal. Like oil in pasta usually mostly leaves with the water. Or when I fry mushrooms in butter there is usually quite a bit of stuff left on the pan.

So anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this while calorie counting? I don't want to cheat myself and count them as zero, because I'm sure its contributing some.

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