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1/24/11 1:02 A

Thanks for your replies. I have taken the average weight I have in a serving & entered it into my nutrition tracker.

I an setting it up ahead of time so that I can use my spare time for exercise & keeping active...the less time I spend on the computer the more time for me to be active & move.

Thanks for your help! Enjoy your week! emoticon

1/23/11 10:46 P

I love my "Biggest Loser" food scale. It is important to know how much that chicken breast weights and then account for that.
Then find out how many calories in one ounce of chicken breast and go from there.

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1/23/11 10:10 P

White-meat chicken with no skin *is* fairly low-calorie. Surprisingly so!

According to ((
try-products/703/2)), one ounce of chicken has only 46 kCal.

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1/23/11 10:09 P

If you'd like to make a solid investment for under $25 dollars, I highly recommend purchasing a food scale! I was always so confused about my chicken breast numbers as well because the frozen ones can be such different sizes. So I bought a scale and then use the ounces/grams readout (after cooking mind you!!!) to get the correct number!

And the scale can be used for anything, as long as you take care to reset the value to 0 when you're measuring things on plates and stuff!

But for calories of an average size breast, I'd guess between 120-170.

TIABITS Posts: 274
1/23/11 9:58 P

I have been trying to get the average calories , fat, carbs & protein in a piece of frozen Chicken Breast ( no bone, all white meat) on the nutrition calculator & I get a very low amount, it can't be right. I have looked at what others entered & the amounts are all different.

Can anyone tell me what the approx amounts would be on average. I know it depends on the brand but I just want the average amounts for a chicken breast so I can enter it into my favourites & not have to keep looking up brands. Any ideas? Thanks for your help! emoticon

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