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CAH-RD Posts: 1,084
7/20/11 10:33 A

Actually, carbohydrates should make up 45-65% of your daily intake and there are 4 calories for every gram of carbohydrates, so for example if you are consuming exactly 1200 calories, you'd want 135-195 g carbohydrates per day.

When I'm figuring out calories and nutrients I aim for 50% of my intake from carbohydrates that way it's not at the higher end, but it's not so low either.

It is shown that the body needs at least 130 g carbohydrates per day to maintain proper brain and energy function. Going below that can be bad for your health, but lots of people do this and will suggest it for weight loss.

I suggest balance overall. MOST people consume a high amount of carbohydrates, even more than what I'm suggesting, so even cutting back to 45-65% of your intake being from carbs would still be cutting back (in most cases).

I'd really follow what SP gives you. It's a great guide and quite accurate. Trying to figure it all out on your own can be confusing and listening to others gives you all kinds of random answers - many of which you listed are quite inaccurate.

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
7/20/11 8:54 A

Your Spark plan will calculate estimated needs for you based on your age, weight, height and weight loss goals so be sure you have everything set up accurately in your program and then use that as your guide. This article can help with macronutrient recommendation levels.

Healthy Carb, Fat and Protein Ranges
The Numbers You Need to Know

Coach Tanya

7/19/11 11:43 P

that sounds like too low calories per day for your weight... don't want to diet hard and not lose... redo your sparks start up to see your goals are right

7/19/11 11:40 P

Use your food tracker there is a good range..162 to 236 for 1,200 - 1,550

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
7/19/11 10:27 P

and i'm going to disagree with the other poster. at your size, your bmr runs about 2045. with daily activities added in, you're up to 2,454. then take your total exercise for the week, divide by seven and add that to 2454. while the largest deficit the spark program will support is 1000 cals a day [or 2lbs per week], you're at a point where you can support a larger deficit, at least until you hit the lower 200s. so a 3lb deficit [1500 per day] or even a 2.5lb [1250 per day] isn't unreasonable at your current size. and unless you're doing a lot of exercise, that's going to pop you in the 1200-1500 range. if you're feeling weak or light headed or super hungry, you can certainly eat more, but for the next 50 or so pounds, you can do a little more than spark will let you. and if you can do it, don't worry so much about it. just be sure that you are updating your goals every 10-15lbs and making sure that your calories burned number is accurate for what you are doing and take it ten to fifteen pounds at a time, based on how you are feeling.

and also, anyone at 1200 cals is only going to eat more as they lose and start to maintain. you simply can't get the nutrients you need in less than 1200 cals though.

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7/19/11 9:51 P

If you're 273 12-1500 is NOT enough cals/day....(my opinion). Because what are you going to cut down to when you lose 10, 20, 50 pounds? Number 1 is eat more!! You said you eat this (small) amount because you're active? You should be eating more because you're active. Please recalculate your nutrition page and it will give you the breakdown you need.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
7/19/11 9:21 P

at least half my calories come from carbs. i also don't really eat meat, so my protein sources are also carb sources. it's about finding what works for you. spark recommends 40-55% carbs, so something like 120- 165 g of carbs per day.

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7/19/11 8:59 P

Hey everyone!.. I wanted to post this Message on the boards because im confused on how many carbs i should be consuming..

Im a 23 year old woman 5'6, 275 pounds and i consume 1200-1500 calories a day because im active..

1.) my mom tells me between 50-75
2.) someone at work says between 90-100
3.) and i looked up on a website it says if you are trying to lose weight you should be eating 20% of your daily calorie intake.. but that seems like alot !

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