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1/23/12 3:14 P

It all depends on your body and how it reacts. I tend to lose weight pretty quick in the beginning and then it slows down after a couple of weeks. I have friends that will consistantly lose 2-3 pounds per week for months with out a plateau.

The main thing is not to get obsessed with the scale. It's not going to come off any faster if you weigh yourself 10 times than it will if you weigh yourself 2 times.

I started Tuesday and I've already lost about 4 pounds. But that's because I am way over my healthy weight and have been pretty inactive lately.

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1/23/12 7:43 A

It seems like forever, but in the reality of our lives, a short span.

1/23/12 1:18 A

My goal is to lose 45 pounds by summer's end. I got a jump start on my program. I've been cutting back and exercising since Dec. 26th and have seen no real results on the scale. However, my energy level is up and I can see my body changing. This isn't unusual for me. Before my first pregnancy, I exercised a full month before the scale changed for the better. Good luck!

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1/22/12 9:44 P

I just started here yesterday. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to see results on weight loss? I'm excited, but worried that the weight wont' come off. My goal is to have 30 pounds gone by summer. Helpppp! emoticon

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