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1/23/12 8:35 P

You must be a young person to ask such a question. I know it is time to take a day off when my body tells me to!


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1/23/12 6:04 P

Everyone's body needs chance to rest - relax and enjoy it and then get going again emoticon

1/23/12 3:54 P

When a day of rest is suggested it is to give the body time to heal and recover therefore it is a benefit to do it. The point to remember is that is not to be considered "couch potato sabbath" but rather a day to not do a specific workout but to engage in some form of active recreation. Consider it a "doing something which is fun day".

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1/23/12 3:14 P

I find that if I work out hard every day for 5 days, I must take 2 days off to recover. I realized this when my fat loss came to a stand still while at the same time I was feeling sore all over my body. After starting to take 2 days off a week, I started to lose the fat again. Overtraining is similar to exercising too little in that they both can prevent you from losing the fat. For younger people though, 1 rest day a week may be enough.

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1/23/12 12:57 P

Thanks for everyone's response. I'm finding that one day off at least every couple of days (after about 10). Is definitely needed. My body yearns for that day of rest. I just have to make sure I don't take one day and turn it into 2 or more.

Thanks Again.

emoticon emoticon

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1/23/12 12:14 P

Weight training and running is hard on the body.. We can like the last poster walk daily- the body needs time to process the work done-aka refresh, repair and get stronger.. If you hammer your body in the weight room or out on the road- preformance may fall because the body is tired.. Keep going day efter day can open the door to injuries or repetition injuries..

When dom's strictened or tired- rest! Returning fresh the results waiting a day will be better.. Just eat to the lower end within of your calories for little or no exercise..

Make friends with exercise don't make it a chore.. Improvement not perfection..

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1/23/12 12:11 P

When I was only walking, I walked outside or on the treadmill every day, but for a stray day off once a month or so.

When I looked into trying to jog/run and do a 5k, everything I read said to alternate running days w/ strength training days/crosstraining on other days, with 1 or 2 days off a week, basically.

I have been following that ever since. 3-4 days of running in spring/summer/fall, with 2 days of strength training. 1 day off a week. This winter, it's been 3 days on the treadmill, 2 or 3 days of strength training. One day a week rest, maybe 2.

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1/23/12 12:05 P

From what I understand you can do cardio 7 days a week but strength training every other day. I do full body work outs 3 times a week. I suppose you could alternate core, upper, and lower body workouts. I think what it comes down to is to give the muscles you work on a day of rest to repair.

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1/23/12 11:27 A

I know that you should strenght train every other day so that your muscles adjust.

Is it important to take a day off from cardio each week????

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