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V-RON_CAN Posts: 3,673
3/2/09 11:20 P

My current best is 8:35. My goal is to beat my "fastest ever" eighth grade mile time of 8:14 by spring break. When I do, I get a new bikini!

KRASHE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (74,826)
Posts: 3,627
3/2/09 10:39 P

Walking without dog, 15 minutes. With dog, 17 minutes. Doing a run/walk less than 14 minutes.

KATEE2825 Posts: 225
3/8/08 8:04 P

WTG Dudz!

My second mile I did today I was able to complete in 13:08. I'm ready to head into the 12's!

DUDZ123 Posts: 393
3/8/08 7:10 P

I started this almost 2 months ago barely able to walk a mile at all. I've improved to a 15 min. walk/jog and still improving. Most important, I can tell the difference in that I'm able to increase the incline on my treadmill and speed level more often.

KATEE2825 Posts: 225
3/8/08 7:04 P

Today I did it in 13:50, still slow progress but I'll eventually get to where I want to be!

QUINNMAN Posts: 2,368
2/28/08 7:39 P

I do my three mile walk in just under 45 minutes but I can go a little faster on the treadmill where you don't have to watch where you are walking, lol,,, Lizzy

MAYLAUR69 Posts: 17,342
2/28/08 6:52 P

My mile walk time is more than it should be. I do much better on short distances!

EDAWNY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,109)
Posts: 329
2/28/08 6:40 P

When I'm doing speed work I can do 7:00 minute miles, but I only do speedwork 1 or 2 a week. On my regular runs I do 8:40 minute miles and on days that I do long slow runs I do 10:30 minute miles

One way to get faster is to try interval training. Run your regular pace for 1 minute then the fastest you can go for 30 seconds and repeat 5 to 10 cycles.

KATEE2825 Posts: 225
2/28/08 6:36 P

I hear ya Pale Rider, I know mine is.

I feel like a little kid trying to keep up with the adults. lol

KATEE2825 Posts: 225
2/28/08 6:36 P

Good luck Stacey!

PALERIDER Posts: 211
2/28/08 6:35 P

All I know is this. My "jog" speed is slower than some people's walk speed.


STACEY1VG Posts: 298
2/28/08 6:35 P

I feel like I go so slow. I call it a wog (walk+jog). I pass people walking but just barely. As soon as the weather breask I'm going to try and work on distance then speed.

KATEE2825 Posts: 225
2/28/08 6:34 P

Way to go, Jon!

Good luck Car77men I know you can do it!

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CAR77MEN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (9,885)
Posts: 3,024
2/28/08 6:22 P

I can do a mile in about 12 1/2 minutes. I think I will set a personal goal to get under 10 minutes.

JONMCHRIS Posts: 319
2/28/08 6:16 P

I recently set a lifetime record for my single mile time. I did it in 8:33. I was fairly pleased. I started this journey at the end of August and couldn't even run a full mile at any speed. Yay!

KATEE2825 Posts: 225
2/28/08 6:12 P

Your time doesn't suck! Everyone goes at their own pace. How fast you get to the finish line doesn't matter just that you get there.

For me, I found challenging myself on my time brought new enjoyment to doing cardio. =)

MARYANNE4403 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (75,160)
Posts: 12,566
2/28/08 6:10 P

18 minutes on average, but from what i can see from your time, my time totally sucks.

KATEE2825 Posts: 225
2/28/08 6:05 P

Bows down to you, Jalapeno. You are amazing! And I love the name. I can't walk a mile in 15 minutes it's more of a jogging pace for me. I don't know if it's because I'm only 4'10" and have short legs but I always feel like everyone leaves me in the dust. I would love to get into running races, it's something I've never done. I just don't know if I can keep up with the "normal" height people.

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JUNEBUGG07 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,897)
Posts: 262
2/28/08 6:01 P

I walk a 10 minute mile.

JALEPENOANN SparkPoints: (112,303)
Fitness Minutes: (136,861)
Posts: 4,941
2/28/08 5:43 P

Generally, I walk a mile in 15 minutes or slightly faster. When I am running a long run, my pace is somewhere around 9 minutes or just over that for a mile. When in good shape and training for something, I run a 7:30 to 8 minute mile.


JASI0307 Posts: 380
2/28/08 5:40 P

I can walk a 15:22 minute mile.

KATEE2825 Posts: 225
2/28/08 5:37 P

Today I did the mile in 14:29 improvement!

ANNABANANA177 Posts: 102
2/27/08 8:09 P

I was fiddling around with speed today, too, and ran at 7 miles per hour, I'm not sure how many minutes a mile is at that, but its better than my usual 10:20 mile.

Fast day for sparkpeople!

BAM0827 Posts: 3,023
2/27/08 7:51 P

I really want to do a 15 minute mile. This morning I hit .95 mile in 15 minutes. I'm almost there. I think I can burn more calories at a slower pace and higher incline. I'd like do a 5K in the summer so maybe I should be working on the jogging.

SHANATER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,655)
Posts: 490
2/27/08 7:39 P

I walk at about 15 min/mile on avg and I'm starting to pick up speed.

DAISYGRAM Posts: 150
2/27/08 7:36 P

My husband and I walk together and have been doing 1 mile in 15 minutes. We're trying to go even faster. His legs are alot longer than mine.

*JING* Posts: 1,765
2/27/08 7:17 P

When I ran a 5K race 2 years ago I had a 9:40 min/mile on flat road and an 11 min/mile on treadmill. I have a 5K on Saturday so I will see if there is a change, but my treadmill work has been 11:30min/mile. I will never be a speed demon but one day I would like to run a 5K 25 minutes . . . well, maybe 28.

TSCHLAG SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (75,848)
Posts: 8,026
2/27/08 6:04 P

My average is a 10 min mile.

2/27/08 5:48 P

Actually, TODAY I hit my record jogging at 10 minutes per mile! (or 6mph!)
I ran 6 miles in an hour! woo!

MOLDEROG Posts: 77
2/27/08 5:25 P

I always do 3 or 4 miles at 4.0 which is a 15 minute mile. When I jog I only go up to 4.5 since jogging is my new thing so that's only a 13.33 minute mile. Once I get the distance I'm looking for down then I'll work on increasing the speed.

TERRALIONESS SparkPoints: (68,991)
Fitness Minutes: (65,323)
Posts: 239
2/27/08 5:17 P

I think under 10 is a great goal! My best mile time ever was 9:30 in high school, and that was after a semester of jogging/walking 45 minutes a day. That's the kind of shape I'd like to get back into.

KATEE2825 Posts: 225
2/27/08 5:15 P

I wasn't on an incline for the 15:14 on an incline, that's different, would probably take me over 20. lol I'll work on getting it under 10 with no incline and then maybe work on running with an incline.

KATEE2825 Posts: 225
2/27/08 5:14 P

lol! I still probably couldn't do better than 15 at this point.

TERRALIONESS SparkPoints: (68,991)
Fitness Minutes: (65,323)
Posts: 239
2/27/08 5:14 P

I haven't gone for speed in a while; I switched to walking on an incline on the treadmill when my knees and hips started hurting. I think I may have lost enough weight now to start jogging, though, so maybe I'll have an update once I get some nice new shoes.

Walking on a 10% incline today, I finished my first mile at 17:30 or so.

KATEE2825 Posts: 225
2/27/08 5:14 P

That's still good! I was doing 20 minute miles for a long time, today I just decided to push myself, now I want to be able to do it in under ten. A new goal for me!

2/27/08 5:11 P

...depends, is someone scary chasing me? :-)


HEATHERBEE31 Posts: 1,481
2/27/08 5:08 P

That's better than I can do, presently. At best, I can do it in about 17. emoticon

KATEE2825 Posts: 225
2/27/08 5:03 P

I was getting kind of bored with my daily cardio. Today I decided to see how fast I could do a mile. I did it in 15:14 which I know isn't very good. lol But, now I want to see how far I can get that down to. It's like a new challenge for me and has me looking forward to my daily cardio again. :)

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