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6/2/11 1:08 P

These kinds of shows make me exceedingly glad that I somehow accomplished this without any surgical or chemical intervention (except for Prozac).

I suspect the support here at SP has had a lot to do with it. This site is big enough that it practically guarantees that you can find like-minded people for support, if you look for them.

(And when I say "accomplished this" I don't mean losing 100+ lbs. I mean KEEPING IT OFF for over a year, so far.)

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6/2/11 2:36 A

I willl keep to mindset changes, they cost less and can be worked on for life.. Yeah right this is a lifestyle change, keep it real..

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6/2/11 2:00 A

Enviable achievement!

4A-HEALTHY-BMI Posts: 6,109
6/2/11 1:05 A

Nightline special about obesity and the mind

A few topics covered:

- brain surgery to try and control food cravings
- sleep eating, including disturbing videos
- food addiction

I find it interesting that the only one who seemed to be actually losing weight was the last one. I also was quite disturbed by the descriptions of what people will eat while asleep - Brillo pads? Eggshell milkshakes? Wow.

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