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12/3/13 3:01 P

I have been off schedule lately, but I am looking forward to swimming every other day again.

Swam 1 mile/5380 ft/70 lengths/35 laps last night.

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11/26/13 12:27 A

I love to swim! It's by far my favorite exercise. Although I have been a runner for seven years, I have yet to experience that "runner's high." It must be a phantom! Swimming, however, really puts me in the zone.
I swim 1.5 miles in an outdoor pool, one day a week. In the summer, I also swim in a lake about a mile, once a week.

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11/25/13 2:34 A

I try to swim 3-4 times a week, but I'm having dental issues so I can't get in the pool right now (can't lay down or have water in my mouth). I used to swim a mile 4 times a week, but since back surgery I'm working up to a mile again.
A real mile in the pool I use is 72 lengths or 36 laps, and I'm up to about 50 lengths. Considering I started at 10 lengths after my surgery, I'm good with my progress. Swimming is my absolute favorite cardio, and I'm lucky to have a county wide rec center that is handicap accessible (I take my severely multiply impaired sister with me and put her in a special flotation aid). There is a ramp entrance so I haven't had to struggle with a ladder since surgery.

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11/24/13 4:16 P

1 mile/5280 feet/70 lengths/35 laps

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11/22/13 8:45 P

Good for you!

Another thing to think about is that you probably won't exercise every day, at least not at first. You might find that paying for bus fares individually, say 3x/week, could be cheaper than a monthly pass.

Ys often have reduced rates and scholarships, especially if you are willing to volunteer with them. That said, in my area it is much less expensive to join 24 Hour Fitness (mine also has a pool) than the Y. It is worth shopping around if you live in a metro area and have choices. Lots of places also have community centers with pools.

11/22/13 8:30 P

I was just doing research online on the YWCA, I think I have to go with the YMCA because I don't think the YWCA in my area has a pool, but you motivated me. I am going to call my insurance on Monday and see if they will cover the YMCA and even if they don't the YMCA says on their website that they have a sliding fee scale for low income people if I can't find a gym with a pool that my insurance covers.

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11/22/13 8:05 P

Your YMCA is likely to have both a pool and water aerobics classes.

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11/22/13 8:01 P

Sandra, I put on a suit and got back in the pool at 300 can do it!

Swimming really is the best exercise if you are just getting started. You are less likely to injure yourself because of the support of the water, plus you don't have to feel all sweaty.

11/22/13 7:53 P

I want to try swimming, but a couple of things are holding me back. The cost of bus fare to get to a pool is one of the things holding me back. After the Holidays I can probably redo my budget to fit in a bus pass which is $100 a month, but then I have to get over the embarrassment of being in a bathing suit! and the embarrassment of not being able to swim for very long.
I am seriously considering it though. My health insurance does include some gyms, and I am hoping the local YWCA which has a pool is included as one of the gyms that is covered. I also am a little bit interested in water aerobics, I don't know if the YWCA offers it, but if they do I would like to try it.

11/22/13 3:21 A

I can't remember the last time I swam!

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11/21/13 3:48 P

I'm tired of the runners having all the fun!

I swam a mile this morning--5280 feet, NOT a swimmer's mile.

I mostly do backstroke.

Anybody else swim regularly?

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