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I am not familiar with the Pacer so I am unable to answer your question. Perhaps there is information with the Pacer that explains its information

Most of these type products, take into consideration your activity and steps to determine your Total Daily Energy Expenditure.

I know when you joined Sparkpeople several months ago you stated you weighed 84 pounds and were 5'2" tall. I would encourage that you work with your doctor and/or health professional who can help determine the appropriate calorie range for your health needs. This would be a better approach to take than to rely on the Pacer. Or the health professional can tell you how to use the information from the Pacer in your health plan.

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5/1/14 4:23 P

I just started using Pacer, a pedometer app, and today it told me I took 3375 steps, and burned 58 cals. Now, do those 58 cals count as exercise calories and would I add them to my TDEE, or does the TDEE already take those into account?

I'm assuming, since my BMR is about 1118 and my TDEE is about 1337, that those 58 calories are part of my TDEE and not additional.

The only issue is I'm very freaked out because I eat my TDEE or more every day without exercising at all. And apparently today, I really only burned 58 stupid calories. AND that's my active day of the week. So have I been eating way too much at 1337 lately?

Cause, wouldn't my TDEE then be 1118+58? Which would actually be only a mere 1176!?

The app is called Pacer and it supposedly takes into account my steps would this not include my fidgeting, laughing, talking, etc, which would be where the rest of my TDEE would come in? Cause what's left with my TDEE would be 161 calories! That's a lot to overeat every day! I don't want to gain any insidious, slow moving weight. I've been eating too much chocolate, etc. lately (like one or two a day for a month plus other gross treats) and don't want to gain weight THAT way, not ANY way.

So I wanna my TDEE my safety net for this thing? What does my TDEE even include? Those 58 cals? Those 161 cals would be burned elsewhere aside from my walking and breathing? HELP emoticon

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