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5/23/14 4:13 P

If I can't find something I use the calculator on then add new exercise.

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5/23/14 3:21 P

Thank you. I had no idea what to call it, so couldn't find anything. Aerobics will work just fine.

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5/23/14 2:29 P

If these twists are part of an exercise routine you do, you could log it as aerobics - general - low impact. There is no way to know for sure how many calories you burn doing these twists. Even if you wore an HRM or a Body Bugg, that would still be a rough guess-timate at best.

I would say that if you do a series of exercises as part of a routine you do, log it under aerobics low impact or under yoga if this is a stretching type routine.

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KCHANDLER623 SparkPoints: (17,814)
Fitness Minutes: (4,727)
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5/23/14 2:02 P

I want to track something simple like twisting from the waist. That exercise is on plenty of videos, but not on the demos. I have no idea what to call it or how many calories or or? This is quite frustrating. This is not the only one, but the one I do a lot at work & would like to keep track. Any ideas?

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