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PRETTYHAPPY Posts: 10,168
1/14/12 12:01 P

emoticon emoticon I never looked at the drop down menu for cardio ... thanks for the circuit training tip ya'll!

emoticon Got it! emoticon

SPOORK Posts: 1,193
1/13/12 5:03 P

Circuit training.

VPGIRL06 Posts: 942
1/13/12 4:20 P

I agree-tracking it either as circuit or HIIT will give you the best guesstimation as to how many calories you burnt, depending on your level of exertion and what you did

1/13/12 12:39 P

Boot camp type workouts can generally be tracked as circuit training

BLONDIEGRRL Posts: 1,174
1/13/12 10:04 A

I track it as boot camp or HIIT (cardio). My boot camp workout combines cardio and strength, but we always do anywhere from 10 to 20 different exercises in an hour and I don't want to spend time tracking each individual exercise. I think what's most important is the total time spent and the rate of perceived exertion.

PRETTYHAPPY Posts: 10,168
1/13/12 9:50 A

Do you track a bootcamp as cardio or try to remember all those individual exercises?

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