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1/11/12 7:25 A

With some types of marinades, you can also weigh the marinade before the meat is added and then again after the meat is removed, and subtract to determine the difference. It's not exact because certain ingredients are better absorbed than others, but it's another option.

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1/11/12 5:20 A

Depends on the kind of marinade.

If it's a vinegar / lemon juice / wine / soy -based one. I plain don't track it. I count it as seasoning. Sure there might be a few calories of marinade sticking to the stuff... But not enough to really worry about. It's within the acceptable margin of error of counting things in whole grams or using the occasional volume measurement.

If it's a salty one, like soy, I might track the sodium by adding a guesstimate an amount of just plain salt for the tracker.

If it's a fat based marinade. I add a guesstimate of the main component of the marinade (vegetable oil/yoghurt/whatnot) to the tracker. Depending on the surface area of the item being marinaded and the viscosity of the marinade.
Yeah it's a guesstimate. But again, within my acceptable margin of error.

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1/11/12 12:56 A

If you use 1 cup of dressing and there are 4 portions in the pan, I would track 3 tablespoons. I would guesstimate that 1 tablespoon sucked in, there are two tablespoons on my plate, and 1 tablespoon is left in the pan.

I hope this helps

ps: thanks for the idea - i haven't had this in forever... :)

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1/11/12 12:11 A

Hi all-
I'm doing a little meal planning for tomorrow evening. I'm making my famous Baked Italian Chicken recipe. And it's so simple. Boneless skinless chicken breasts marinated in Light Italian salad dressing. it's so delicious but I'm lost. How do I track this in my nutrition tracker for tomorrow?

A lot of the marinade absorbs into the chicken while a lot of it is still sitting in the pan I baked it in. Anyone else run into this problem? Would love some help/tips/comments.

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