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SPERRIN2012 SparkPoints: (181,188)
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Posts: 17,742
12/3/12 11:14 A

Not as motivated as I should be.

RHONDA-MULKEY SparkPoints: (3,115)
Fitness Minutes: (892)
Posts: 109
12/2/12 11:11 A

Visuals are great motivators. When I need a little help, I look through pages from other members that have lots a lot of weight, and it helps to keep me going!

NEEDHELPLOSING SparkPoints: (10,431)
Fitness Minutes: (5,866)
Posts: 157
12/2/12 10:40 A

Thanks for all the replies. I am still at it and feeling pretty motivated, Reading each of your replies and your SPARK pages/stories helps alot. I plan on taking it 1 day and 1 step at a time and hopefully I'll reach my goal.

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
12/2/12 9:45 A

Motivation comes in many forms, and can be quite different for all of us. Are you motivated by a reward system, or would you rather tick things off a list. Perhaps social contact helps more, so finding a buddy would be the best way to go about things.

What has worked for you in the past?

I know that my motivation wanes each time I finish a race goal. The training plan is over, and I need to set something up fast so I have something to follow. One of my methods is the list (which the training plan works well - I can cross each workout off as I work towards my goal).

I am also motivated by streaks. How many days in a row can I get in five veggies/fruits?

And my teams really motivate me. Sometimes I just need to read about someone else struggling with arthritis (or whatever), and they went out for a walk anyway - and this helps me to go out too.

Motivation is a large topic, with many different faces to it. SparkPeople has a whole resource section dedicated to it.

Hope this helps. Keep the discussion going - it will help you to find ideas for yourself.

ELLEKTRA Posts: 2,911
12/2/12 5:36 A

I wish I knew the answer to that so I could pass it on to those who can't stay motivated.

TCANNO SparkPoints: (368,920)
Fitness Minutes: (213,575)
Posts: 73,117
12/2/12 4:32 A

Online Now  • ))
look to see how far I have come

JILLITA55 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (63,088)
Posts: 4,055
12/1/12 4:25 P

sometimes it is really hard. I do the best I can do

LOOLINDA SparkPoints: (16,835)
Fitness Minutes: (14,203)
Posts: 42
11/25/12 11:48 A

I set a timer for 30 mins go on line for that time then when I'm done I do a exercise emoticon dvd

SRBSRB26 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (70,501)
Posts: 3,667
11/25/12 11:31 A

I work on new goals

NEEDHELPLOSING SparkPoints: (10,431)
Fitness Minutes: (5,866)
Posts: 157
11/25/12 10:20 A

I used spark once before and lost 50lbs staying very motivated that was almost 4 years ago. I kept it off for about 3 now I have gained about 15lbs back. I need to get the old motivation back. HELP!!!

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