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7/18/13 8:59 A

I ususally end up eating things I shouldn't when travelling - find it hard to find good places and just trying to eat and get back on the road.

7/17/13 10:49 P

Stopping only at the right places.

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7/17/13 9:34 A


7/17/13 6:57 A

Thanks for all your great ideas I did pack fruit and salmon patties and plenty of water here we go!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
7/16/13 5:45 P

Ditto on planning!

Also I find it is really helpful to try and make my own breakfast (and maybe lunch) even when on the road. Instead of stopping at a restaurant, I will stop at a grocery and buy some yogurt and fruit, or you can get individual or two-pack hard boiled eggs from the deli section... or I'll pack some bagels and peanut butter and apples and bananas... for lunches you can often pick up pre-made salads (just go easy on the dressing) or other conveniently cut-up veggies and fruit... or packets of tuna salad with crackers... If you have access to hot water or microwave you can also pack things like instant oatmeal or soups...

When eating out, remember that most restaurants pad the plate to make it look like "Lots of quantity! Value!!" with a TON of unnecessary carbs. Your egg breakfast comes with toast AND hashbrowns AND pancakes. Your burger includes a bun AND fries AND macaroni salad... dinner might include pasta AND bread. I find it challenging in a weird sort of mental-emotional way to not-eat stuff that is served to me, and prefer to ask them to not bring the AND items at all, or to substitute something else (i.e. when i go for greek food, i ask them to hold the potatoes AND rice and just give me extra greek salad). Ditching the excessive servings of carbs from restaurant meals can improve the nutritional profile/calorie count quite significantly!

I would also recommend trying to avoid "fast" and "chain restaurant" food, and use your travel as an opportunity to try the "local fare." You will usually do much better nutritionally if you stop by some local deli-cafe and have a bowl of their homemade soup of the day, than you would at a fast food stop or "family restaurant." And - you get to enjoy stuff that you "don't get at home/don't eat every day."

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7/16/13 4:40 P

No problem as I turn on my music and all is well.

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7/16/13 3:58 P

Planning is the big one. Packing lots of quick healthy snacks, so I have options. I also learned not to beat myself up if I have an unhealthy meal, but also not to continue with it at the next meal. Visiting grocery stores in other areas can be enjoyable as you get to pick out new healthy food that may not be available to you at home.

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7/16/13 3:36 P

I try to pack healthy snacks and take a long fruit and plenty of water to stay on track. Finding places to exercise is the big challenge for me.

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7/16/13 3:28 P

You do the best you can making modications where you need them. Even if you do happen to over eat, that doesn't make you a bad person or an unhealthy one. One less than perfect day or week of eating WILL NOT make or break your healthy lifestyle.

Try to be mindful of your portions. Indulge, but don't overindulge. And if you do overindgule, don't beat yourself up over it. You ate the food. You log the food. You move on. this is not a diet, it's a lifestyle change. Thus the reason you have to learn to accept that there may be days you're not going to engage in your routine. It happens.

Don't worry ! Enjoy your trip !! Just watch your portion sizes. that's what trips up most people.

7/16/13 2:41 P

I have been very focused while at home in my normal routine. I feel very in control of what I will eat when I will exercise. I feel slightly panicked because we are going out of town driving on a 5 hour trip. Will be out of my comfort zone for 4 days. How do I stay focused on good choices. I have lost 18 lbs and do not want to mess up. While at home I exercise 5-6 days a week. I cook my own food and get great recipes off this sight.

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