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7/26/12 5:23 P

I save a tone of money cooking at home, and taking leftovers to work for lunch. Hardly ever eat out anymore unless traveling.

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7/26/12 5:11 P

check out this website I love it.

STARGAZER420 Posts: 114
7/19/12 5:31 A

I don't have the patience or organization to try and shop smart. It is one of my goals though~!

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7/18/12 10:21 A

Buy veggies & look for sales.

HAZYSKIES Posts: 1,169
7/18/12 10:10 A

1. Choose quality over quantity.
2. Plan plan plan your meals ahead of time
3. Cook at home using basic ingredients rather than pre-processed stuff. (Like buying plain chicken breasts rather than pre-seasoned in a bag.)
4. Plan grocery trips around sales and coupons.
5. Check out local farmer's markets.

MASHAMOO Posts: 1,667
7/13/12 8:50 P

I cook and bake as much as possible so that we're not eating boxed salty stuff.
Stay away from "snack" foods; those are a killer expense. If you've just gotta, pop some popcorn or bake your own crackers.
Some stores have reduced price produce that has a few spots on it but tastes fine.
Dried beans, lentils, etc.
Buy bulk if possible.
If you eat soy, there's different products that vary in price. In my area, Bob's Red Mill is often on sale but Boca never is.

KMURPHY22 SparkPoints: (26,623)
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7/12/12 12:10 A

I use some coupons, the store saver card, and a website that gives me cash rewards--saving star I think is the name of it. i don't stock up or buy in bulk. I don't have storage space for those items. I won't go out of my way for a 'deal' because the money spent on the extra gas has to come from somewhere. I live in a very small town with 1 grocery store. Instead of buying canned beans, peas and lentils I buy dry and cook them myself. Instead of fresh produce I buy frozen and for when it must be fresh produce (lettuce) I shop the clearance bin. I make many trips to the store (2 blocks away) so I only buy produce the day I need it. I waste less this way. I found that by wasting less I saved money. When I make a meal and there are leftovers, which is rare with 3 men in the house, I freeze them down right away and once every few weeks we have "restaurant night" and cook up the leftovers we want for dinner. You may need to do this more often if you have a small freezer. I make my own bread. Lately the best deal on milk (we buy whole milk) is at Walgreen's. Shop around at convenience stores and often the staples (milk, butter, eggs) will be cheaper than at a regular grocery store.

Keep a notebook with the items you regularly buy listed and their most recent sale price. That way you can know if the price is a good deal with or without a coupon. Break down the price by ounce or pound. Sometimes getting something in a different size package ends up being cheaper. Lately the 8oz cans of tomato sauce are $.33 each, making a 16oz can $.66, which is better than the best price of $.69 for a 16 oz can of tomato sauce.

STRANGER70127 Posts: 407
7/5/12 3:34 P

Buy bulk food! emoticon

DIANE7786 Posts: 5,071
7/2/12 9:26 A

Go to supermarkets that offer free savings cards. My weekly groceries are about $100 (my husband and me). So far this year I've saved $597.68! That's one free week of groceries once a month.

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7/2/12 7:56 A

I look at the ads of all the stores around us, write out our menu for the week and look for recipes that go with the ads. It has helped my family save money. With 2 teens and a husband who can't seem to eat enough, this helps greatly!

AUSSIEFLOSS SparkPoints: (34,084)
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6/30/12 1:40 A

There have been times when I was so poor, I was picking dandelion leaves from my backyard and boiling them, to have some sort of veggie for my family. It can be done still, if you know that you don't use any sprays around them. You don't have to be dirt poor. Hey, it's free and you are a natural weed killer! LOL.
Also, buying larger amounts of produce that is in season, and cheap, and then cutting and parboiling according to the needs of the fruit or veggie, and then freezing it for use later in the year, when the produce is more expensive. It's also convenient.
You know what helps me a lot? When you are tempted to buy a junk food, even a candy bar, think of how you will save that dollar or whatever, and it will help deter you from buying it. It will help your diet as well, so it is a win-win situataion.

STRANGER70127 Posts: 407
6/29/12 12:45 P

I'd be praying to Jesus Christ and asking Him for what I want to eat. emoticon

WAIT-FOR-IT SparkPoints: (0)
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6/25/12 1:40 A

I buy dry beans and rice. Buy cooking them yourself not only are they healthier but so much cheaper. I also buy frozen fruit in bulk. It saves me money, but make sure you read the labels. My local university has a farmers market. The food is fresh, organic and much cheaper.

DIANE7786 Posts: 5,071
6/24/12 7:52 P

Batch cooking saves a lot of money and time. I buy produce in season, just what I need for several recipes. so there is no waste. Every few weekends I cook for a few hours using two crockpots, pressure cooker and oven. I freeze in individual freezer containers. Almost everything freezes well. At night I thaw meals for the next day in the fridge. Packing lunches takes seconds and a great dinner is on the table within 10 minutes.

I also go to U-pick farms. Picking about 10 lbs of strawberries takes about an hour and costs $1.50/lb compared to $3.75/lb. They last about a year in the freezer.

MUSOLF6 Posts: 1,326
6/20/12 6:48 P

I am fortunate to live in Florida , we have a lot Fruit stands where you can buy produce pretty cheap and it is really fresh. I also shop at Winn Dixie when they have chicken and fish and meat @ buy one get one free.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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6/20/12 3:03 P

Here is what I think: healthy bodies don't need doctors emoticon I plan to save a bundle that way.

JAOTTO SparkPoints: (0)
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6/20/12 11:51 A

Start with coupons, then a shopping list of only what is needed and do not eat out.

DIZZYKW Posts: 20,904
6/20/12 10:19 A

I read the sale papers for the grocery stores on Sunday and buy the produce that is on sale and make up my menu around those items.

QQUEENB Posts: 15
6/10/12 7:20 P

This year I planted a garden. I used raised container beds to keep out most of the weeds. You can also do container gardening, where you plant seeds in containers on a porch, deck, or balcony. There is information out there that shows you which vegetables are the most profitable to grow yourself and which are better bought in a grocery store. If you plant nothing else, you should find a place for some zucchini. It yields a large amount of vegetables for the cost of the seeds, and its pretty versatile. You can eat it in salads, soups, breads, etc. My family and I have even made jelly (flavored with jello) out of the vegetables.

CSROBERTSON621 SparkPoints: (222,644)
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6/8/12 11:35 P

As several people have already noted, frozen veggies are a great option for out-of-seaon foods. (Canned tomatoes can also be very good.) Take advantage of what's in season by stocking up. Plant a garden if you can (I know it can be hard, depending on where y'all are stationed -- I grew up near Ft. Drum NY, and know the growing season up there is short! But we still managed zucchini and summer squash, carrots and cucumbers, and even some tomatoes when the squirrels didn't get 'em first!)

If you use rice a lot, and there is an Asian market nearby, try buying bags of it in bulk. Being vegetarians, you're probably also aware of beans and rice as a protein source -- dried beans are wonderfully cheap. Ethnic markets in general may have some produce bargains (not to mentions some more interesting options) not available in larger stores.

MAGTASTIC103 Posts: 588
6/1/12 10:56 A

I used to buy bagged lettuce all the time and a lot of it would go to waste. I started buying heads of lettuce instead. I wash it when I get home wrap it in a paper towel and put it back in the produce bag. It stays nice and crisp waaaaaay longer than bagged and is cheaper.

When frozen veggies are on sale I will stock up.

When I make soup I will take about half and put it in a gallon size freezer bag and freeze flat to save room in the freezer and have a quick meal ready for another time.

Grow your own veggies!


LVSHERKIDS05 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/31/12 10:41 A

I buy fresh produce in bulk when it is on sale and freeze what i can't use right away that way I always have some and I am not running to the store as often. I also use my crock pot more, and a frozen bag of veggies is a great addition to anything in the pot.

NEWKID54 Posts: 645
5/30/12 3:31 P

When I don't eat out or drive through and create my menus from the sale ads, plus what's in season, I find I safe lots of money. And, I lose weight too.

BIKEBALTIMORE SparkPoints: (0)
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5/30/12 1:25 P

I find that if I keep it simple in my kitchen - I save money. Before I found that I would buy things and not use them - and they just sit there. So, I try to just buy for what I'm going to cook in the next few days. Of course, there are about 5-10 meals that I make on a regular basis - and I always try to have those ingredients on hand.

PITZEL2 Posts: 25
5/21/12 10:11 P

If you are also very limited for time, you can use healthy shortcuts like good quality bottled pasta sauce and frozen veggies. MUCH healthier and less costly than eating out or buying prepackaged meals.

SMANISMELL SparkPoints: (76,799)
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5/21/12 2:38 P

When you can, growing your own vegetables helps. Buy at the farmer's market. Buy from a co-op. Buy what is in season. Accept the produce that your friends and neighbors grow and pawn off on you! Limit how much meat you consume! Buy frozen fruits and veggies in bulk. This is just some of the things that I have tried.

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
5/20/12 7:51 A


MRSJOCCO SparkPoints: (29,721)
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5/20/12 1:33 A

The best thing to do is plan out all of your meals and snacks in advance, including "planned overs."

Planning will help eliminate overeating ("gotta have X cups of this for tomorrow's lunch") and food waste ("hey, how long has this purple fuzzy thing been in here?") and you won't have to come up with new ideas everyday. Just keep a rotation going.

Remember, too, that you can make great soup from your veggie leftovers. emoticon

Also, you can copy whole meals from your tracker to future dates (up to two weeks, I think).

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RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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5/16/12 2:05 P

I am not a vegetarian either but I feel that I easily could be one if it were not for the other people in my household. We buy very little prepared foods, saves on money and sodium. Farmers Markets are very helpful. I get more there for my money than in a grocery store. The other thing we figure about eating healthy is this: Healthy bodies don't need doctors as often. I am hoping to save a lot on doctor and medicine bills in the long run.

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
5/15/12 9:48 P

I'm not vegetarian, but I don't eat too much meat. I try to purchase dry beans and rice in the biggest bulk possible. I live in an urban area with many ethnic grocery stores, and I save a bunch of money when I can get to the Hispanic or Indian groceries for rice and lentils or beans. They have HUGE bags and it's cheaper than the chain groceries on a pound by pound basis. It takes a bit more trouble in the kitchen but it's worth it to me.

SCOTLEUR91911 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/15/12 1:06 P

My husband and I are military and we are vegetarians. Like many people we live on a budget. I was wondering if anyone has some good ideas on how to save money eating healthy? I use coupons, but too bad they don't have produce coupons. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks Sara

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