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2/23/13 5:35 P

Well I love ice cream obviously its not good for you,
But there are plenty of ways to avoid eating unhealthy foods, greek yogurt if good although I'm not a yogurt person unless its frozen and instead of eating french fries try sweet potato fries.. any little healthy change is wonderful and I can personally say that I have plenty of junk food cravings I wanted chocolate and special k just came out with chocolate and red berry cereal and it will defiantly kick the craving in the butt.
Hope this helps,

2/18/13 3:13 P

HI i'm Brock i'm 13 years and weigh 256 pounds and trying to lose weight wanna be my workout buddy.

REBB12 Posts: 7
2/17/13 3:09 P

If you're craving Ice Cream, then what do you eat instead? Yogurt or something like that?
What do you do if you're craving french fries or any fast food?

Sorry, I'm new and I was just wondering, because I know I'll eventually give up, because I'll want fries or something.

I would love to hear your stories on how to avoid eating the food you're craving!!!
Thanks!!! emoticon

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