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4/10/13 7:09 A

I've never set foot inside a gym. I've gotten fit, toned and lost all the weight I needed to lose (in 8 months) entirely inside the comfort of my own living room. I use fitness videos for cardio and some resistence training and have dumbells and barbells for my strength training.

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4/10/13 6:11 A

For me, it's necessary but I had to find a way to make it work.

I used to belong to the Y and dropped it when money got tight.

I went four years without a gym & my fitness level (esp. strength) dropped. I couldn't get the same level of workout at home as I did in the gym.

Joined PF a couple years ago because I could justify it in our family's budget- only $10/month. I'm an independent exerciser & don't like classes so it was a perfect fit. My fitness level has skyrocketed. My husband has recently joined too, so our total outlay is $20/month.

For me, at least, going to the gym is like a pleasant part-time job. I schedule the time in advance, make a commitment to go, and work my butt off when I'm there. I have trouble doing that at home.

I also really appreciate the variety of equipment - keeps it feeling fresh.

.... now, I would LOVE to have a personal trainer. That's on my list for (hopefully) next winter but I'll have to switch gyms to do it and make a much larger financial commitment. For now, the financial concerns outweigh that desire even though I know it would make a HUGE difference in pushing my fitness levels forward.

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4/10/13 4:41 A

Hi Amelia -

"So, should I invest on a gym membership? Is it necessary?" No

"How do you balance getting fit and personal finances?"

You can do resistance training at home just using your body weight if you can't afford weights or resistance bands.
Go to the library and see if they have books on Pilates or any workout you're interested In and start taking notes. You can also use the internet to research proper form and find online videos you can use. If you have cable with on-demand see if there's a fitness section with workouts you can play. Give yourself different options for whatever the day may bring. Weather, travel, little time...make sure you have a big hat to pull from so there's no excuses.

When it comes to your motivation.... well plainly put, if you want changes you have to take action period. If finances are a big concern for you and a gym membership is just not in the budget you don't 'have' to make the expense.

You can design your own program with a little due diligence and willingness to think outside the 'gym' mentality. Your body doesn't care 'where' you get the exercise it only knows that you're challenging it.

You can do this!! Good Luck.

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4/10/13 2:32 A

There are so many new gyms opening in our area. Some of them are only $10 a month. one franchise is planet fitness. I'm sure there are many in your area.
I was paying $30 a month and decided to work out at home. I use videos or walk outside.

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4/10/13 12:21 A

My last gym was expensive- the new one I have is 50% cheaper and a 24 hour so I can miss the peak traffic, the equipment is brand new and they maintaince it more regular than my last gym. My membership gives me a bracelet I use and I am allowed to gave the card to my son- he is a student and we all know they don't have alot of money so he can have as many friends in free of charge as he likes- it introduces young people to enjoying the gym..
I now live in a old apartment block and having a home gym would annoy my neighbours both over and under me- several of which work nightshift and sleep during the day..
I can't afford a membership for my sons- but the gym encourages us whom do have memberships to help the obesity problem in our young people by offering them free entry..
I save my sons alot of money while in doing their education and dependant on student loans..
They can save membership money to buy decent food..

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4/9/13 10:48 P


I belong to a gym, but I do all my cardio outside (I, too, am a runner). You can easily do a great resistance workout using some resistance bands, a medicine ball and a few dumbbells and still achieve success.

Coach Nancy

AMELIA_ Posts: 27
4/9/13 10:22 P

When I started one year ago I got a gym membership, had to invest some money. Suddenly, on December my gym closed, so I have started going to run to a nearby park three o four times a week. I never thought I would, I feel great not spending money and learning to love running. But, I haven't lost any weight since December (at the gym I could run and do Pilates three times a week). I can't get enough motivation to do strength alone at my home. So, should I invest on a gym membership? Is it necessary? How do you balance getting fit and personal finances?

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