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11/30/13 4:45 A

The best way to maintain muscle while losing fat is to engage in regular, challenging, strength training. Lift heavy!

Other factors are ensuring your protein intake is in the recommended range (so that your body does't have to cannibalize muscles to free up protein for essential repairs), and avoiding very long cardio sessions - keep your cardio workouts to 30 minutes or less.


11/30/13 1:28 A

Don't look too deeply into this whole subject area...just reduce your caloric when you are properly (no junk food) core and full body workouts...keep yourself hydrated and get the proper amount of sleep.

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11/26/13 4:04 P

That is the Holy Grail of weight loss. How does a person lose more fat than lean muscle ?

It's not an easy question. If you are strength training, continue to strength train. Strength training will help minimize the amount of lean muscle you lose. But here's the catch 22, if you want to lose weight, a certain percentage will still be muscle. How much ? hard to say.

The problem is that in order to increase lean muscle, you can't eat at a deficit. Growing muscle fiber requires a surplus of calories. But, if you're eating at a deficit to lose weight, then your body won't have enough energy to increase muscle. ask any body builder, they'll tell you, if you want to increase muscle, you've got to eat.

What to do ? You have to concentrate on one or the other. Do you want to lose weight OR increase lean muscle ? If you want to lose, then lose weight first. Once you've achieved your desired weight range, then you need to start eating to increase muscle. You really can't do both at the same time.

Check this out, this is what Hugh Jackman had to do to get ripped to play Wolverine.

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11/26/13 3:08 P

I'm in the home stretch of my weight loss with about 25 pounds to go until I reach my ideal weight. I really want to focus on losing as much body fat as possible, while maintaining my current muscle and getting a lot more toned. How do you do this? I know when you lose weight that you lose a mix of fat, muscle, and waste, but how can I be sure that I am losing as much fat as possible and as little muscle as possible? Thanks for any help! I am determined to get the body I want!

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