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Hi, R

It's normal for weight loss to fluctuate a lot, with periods of consistent loss and then periods ("plateaus") where the number on the scale doesn't change much for quite a while. So, if you've been staying in or near your recommended calorie range, don't assume you've got a "starvation mode" problem--that takes some pretty serious undereating for an extended period of time. Your body does adapt to lower calorie intake and increased exercise, which is why it's a good idea to mix things up pretty frequently--different kinds and intensities of exercise, a little variation in your calorie intake and types of foods you eat, etc. And be sure to include strength training to help reduce muscle loss while dieting. That can help minimize the plateaus. By far the biggest single explanation for stalled weight loss is that people aren't being very accurate in tracking how many calories they're really eating or burning with activity. If you get stuck at the same weight for weeks at a time, the first thing to do is to make sure you're not eating more than you think--check your portion sizes and make sure you're tracking everything you eat.

In addition to excessive muscle loss (which can be hard to notice until it's been going on for a while), other symptoms of going too low on your calorie intake could include persistent fatigue and reduced exercise capacity, problems with concentration, mood changes and irritability, and noticeable changes in your skin, hair and nails.

Hope this helps.

Coach Dean

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And the only way you could tell was that you were losing muscle?

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I don't know it was happening- it can be seen in photos..

I ate 1500 calories that was too little for me my muscle mass suffered and my body had to munch muscle protein to feed itself..

I had to increase my food especially protein, lift heavier and it took 3 years to recover from starvation mode..

It hurts to see photos of it.. I could have lost weight comfortable eating 1800 calories.. I never felt hungry by my arm muscles disappeared from 41½ cm to 24½ cms and now back up to 32 cms..

I still fit my clothing, but my muscle mass doesn't suffer anymore..

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I've heard that a lot of people don't know if their bodies are in starvation mode. I haven't been losing weight like normal, so I'm concerned that I could be in starvation mode. How do you know? Are there signs?

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