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TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
4/4/11 8:34 P

Okay, I wouldn't say target toning is useless, because muscle development is worthwhile even if it is not visible. Muscle helps burn fat off faster anyway, so lift heavy weights for your upper body - do pull-ups, do push-ups, do tricep work, dips, - seriously lift as heavy as you can and that area will start to shape up as the fat melts away.

lifting light weights for a problem area will not work as fast or as well, so lift heavy. Train like a man.

They may not go away 100%, but they can definitely be diminished and look a lot better as you develop more muscle and the fat comes off - even if it's slow.

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4/4/11 9:46 A

You need to remember, we cannot choose where are fat is stored. Therefore target toning, is useless, because even in toning, you're toning the muscle beneath the fat, and you can't see that muscle until the fat is gone. If the first place you gain weight is in your arms it will be the LAST place you lose it. And if that is the case, the only way you'll ever be completely toned in the LAST place you lose is for your entire body to be competely lean. You have to lose the fat on your body before you can see the definition beneath it.
Personally, my chub goes straight to my love handles, and the only time they've ever been gone is when I get down to a BMI of 20.5 or less.

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4/4/11 9:40 A

Yeah! Someone else has the same problem as I do. My bat wings show up with my arms down as well as my bust is large and helps to flatten the wing.

HEYBUTT Posts: 769
4/4/11 8:58 A

True, you can't spot reduce fat but you can build up specific muscles.

For bat wings (or, as I like to call it, "bye bye arm") you can work your triceps (that's the muscle under the flap). Exercises like tricep kick backs and skull crushers will target that muscle. Just remember with strength training to give the muscles a day off after working them (so they can rest).

JONESINATOR Posts: 1,837
4/4/11 12:52 A

Unfortunately we cannot spot reduce, so doing exercises targeting our problem areas will help build muscle, but will not reduce the fat that is there. Only total, overall body fat reduction will remove the fat from the areas we see it in most. And ironically, as we lose fat all over, some places it tends to hang around (due to genetics). And since we look pretty good elsewhere, those places really stick out in our minds a lot!

I do a ton of torso work and have pretty strong muscles in my pectorals and my core, but I still have lots of flab there. It's genetic that I gain it first and lose it last from my front torso - and it's annoying as anything!

GINGERVISTA Posts: 6,236
4/4/11 12:52 A

Good question. I DO know you've got to do plenty of aerobics to burn calories in combination with ST. Keep it up & I'll bet those arms will be in shape in no time! (Well, okay......for some of us it takes SOME, sometimes LOTS of time!) emoticon

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4/4/11 12:36 A

I have been doing a lot of ST focusing on my arms and back and see improvement but can't seem to get rid of the flappy "bat wings" that are on my arms near my arm pit. Any suggestions????

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