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12/17/12 6:40 P

I use Bill Phillips book, "Body for Life" as my guide for interval training. He has helped increase intensity and efficiency of my workouts. I highly recommend his book!

12/17/12 12:42 P

While some can train for road races on a treadmill I am not sure how well a less experienced runner will do training on one exclusively. I suggest as others have noted that it is better to train as much as possible on the road out of doors. You need to train by replicating what you will be doing, it is called specific adaptation to imposed demand or SAID. I have my road runner clients train for longer races by following a three day programme of hard, easy and medium workouts.. A hard workout would be intervals in a 30 X 60 or 90 second ratio for thirty minutes exclusive of warm up and cool down. The easy workout is long slow distance for thirty to 45 minutes, do not worry about the distance initially. The medium workout is one in which you vary speed by doing fartlek intervals at a long slow distance pace for a shorter time than your long slow distance day. Another form of hard day is hill repeat intervals.

Take one day every two weeks and run a longer distance to prepare for the race distance building up over time until you can complete 13 miles.

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12/17/12 6:24 A

If you are well within the 16 min time for a 10K, then with a couple more months of training you should be able to maintain this pace for a half.

Most running training programs include a longer slower run to extend your distance, as well as a shorter run where you work on your pace (and thus fitness). Keep working both these types of runs into your overall training program.


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12/17/12 12:22 A

I too am training for my first half marathon. I find myself doing better if I train outside. I run on treadmill only if the weather won't permit me to go run outdoors plus it hels to see other people running too. Good luck on you race!

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12/10/12 9:07 P

Your pace in that case would be 4.1 mph

I would try varying the intervals more, for example
20 seconds hard, 60 seconds easy. But try 4.7 mph and 3.5 mph. The idea is to get the hard part to be harder and the easy to be easier. It'll teach your body to recover quicker from working hard
Elliptical too or other machines can help your cardio.

Also you could do intervals using incline instead of speed

Just some thoughts

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12/10/12 8:32 P

I second what Coach Nancy said - you're better off doing all of your training outside (or if it's too cold, an indoor track if there's one available nearby). It's more challenging, but if you're doing all of your training on a treadmill, I think the half-marathon will be a lot harder for you and you could risk being swept if all you're used to is running on a treadmill.

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12/10/12 8:24 P


I would not be too concern with determining your pace as treadmills can actually have a large margin of error as to how fast/slow one is going. Depending on how well calibrated your treadmill is will be the factor.

That being said, the best way to pace yourself is walking outside. You can use one of the many apps (I personally like the Nike+ app) to walk. While treadmill walking is fine and you do get some benefit from walking on it, walking outside and not having the belt do some of the work for you, is key.

Take care and I wish you well with your training!

Coach Nancy

12/10/12 6:45 P

I am interval training. 1 min at 4.5mph and 5 minutes at 4.0mph. Ok, I should restate that... that is my goal. I am training for Disney's Princess Half Marathon in February. How would I calculate the pace for that? 4.5 mph is 13 minute mile. 4 mph is 15 minutes per mile. So how do I calculate what my pace will be?

I need to be faster than a 16mm or they sweep you at the race. I am not going through all of this training, flying to FL, all that goes along with it, to be swept. I know I can do a minute or two at 4.5 mph, but not sure how long I can keep up the intervals. Right now I can do it twice while walking/jogging on the treadmill in a half hour time frame. I could likely do it more if I pushed myself. I just need to push myself.

I did a 10k at 14:53mm. Pretty happy with that time. That is just about half a half marathon. :) Just need to get in those long walks/jogs.

Thanks for any thoughts on this!

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