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THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
4/7/12 8:20 P

WOW Now that is shear determination. Sorry about your mishap. I had 6 stitches put in one of my toes but was able to do many of the exercises I usually do, Keep going with the upper body work out and you recovery goes well

ANGELAONEILL SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 35
4/7/12 9:27 A

Sorry to hear of your injury - on a positive note, about 15 years ago I sprained my ankle in the spring. I was an avid runner and was so upset that I could not run. I bought a kayak and have been an avid runner and kayaker since... I look back and am so happy I decided to buy my first kayak. I hope you recovery quickly. Take care.

NJJAZZ Posts: 5,339
4/7/12 9:17 A

this is such a great topic............... since I broke my foot 2 weeks ago. I have been trying to figure out how to keep working out on crutches................ Im going to look up wheel chair exercises and get started emoticon

Time to grab some weights and start with the upper body. Actually the scale says Ive lost 2 pounds in 2 weeks -- guess using these crutches is its own kind of cardio workout. Im guessing I will clearly build upper body and arm strength over the next 4 weeks.

Moonboot comes off end of the month.
Reading this topic has brightened my day................... emoticon

DOWNEASTB Posts: 472
11/13/11 8:40 P

Sorry to hear about the foot injuries in this thread. I broke my fibula in 2000 and it turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. I was living alone in a 2nd floor apartment with no elevator. The injury forced me to shop at the grocery store once per week and eat at home. Just getting up and down the stairs and across campus at college was enough of a workout for me for the first month. When I got stronger with my crutches I started going to the university gym and doing upper body machines as well as swimming (I had a walking boot and not a cast). After three months of eating healthy at home and working out every day, I had total strangers complimenting my physique!

Unfortunately I wrecked it by making friends who drank beer every day. But for a time, I had an amazing, toned body. =)

ROSE756 Posts: 34
11/13/11 7:03 P

Hi Patti,

Sorry to hear about your foot. I broke my foot the day before you did (Nov. 5), but didn't get my cast until Nov. 8. I have a "Jones Fracture" which means I can't put any weight on it at all. It sure limits what I can do for exercises and have been searching the SparkPeople site and the web for ideas. The last thing I want to do is gain back the weight I've just lost. I think the cardio I was doing did the trick, but now that's out of the question.

Getting around on crutches is exhausting, so I hope I'm getting some benefit from the exertion. Otherwise, I have been doing upper body strength exercises with bands. The doctor told me I could do leg raises. I've also been doing some floor exercises from the SparkPeople site that don't require putting weight on my foot (like crunches & swimming - lay on stomach and raise alternate arm/leg).

I had been doing the Leslie Sansone 5 Mile Walking videos, which I really like. So now I watch the video while sitting in a chair and try to do a little cardio while seated (mile or two). There are seated cardio videos on YouTube that do basically the same moves, like pumping the arms and marching (watch that foot), kicks and knee lifts. I put a big pillow under my bad foot so I don't hurt it. Guess it's better than doing nothing.

Anyway, I hope you have a speedy recovery. I just keep reminding myself to have patience and not do any more damage.

Better check with your doctor first.

Take care.
Marion emoticon

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11/6/11 8:05 P

Punches; uppercuts, jab, cross

PSBUCK64 SparkPoints: (4,292)
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11/6/11 7:36 P

Hello Single Mom,

I just broke my foot today and get a cast tomorrow. Hopefully no surgery. Since you have "been there, done that" with the broken foot, I thought I would ask you what exercises you found useful during your recovery. If you care to share, I would love to hear!

Thank you,

SINGLEMOM1960 Posts: 992
12/21/10 1:09 A

Thanks to all for such sound advice. I see doc tomorrow, will find out just how bad what limitations I have.

DCGUY72 Posts: 411
12/19/10 11:54 P

I have to echo the advice of asking your doctor and physical therapist (if you have one). You don't want to do anything that would unwittingly compromise your recovery. Even some of the exercises that aren't thought of as weight bearing on the legs can use the legs to stabilize you -- even when seated or on the floor. It's definitely worth it to get cleared and have some ideas from your medical specialists as to what is okay and what should be off limits for now.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery !

BRAT7776 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 16
12/19/10 10:49 P

Sit ups and weight lifting while sitting. Chest presses are done on the weight bench and most arm exercises can be done while sitting, just remember to stabalize your core to maintain proper form.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,305
12/19/10 9:56 P

Ask your doctor! You don't want to do anything that could tangle your healing. Every case is different. When I broke my foot (small bone on the top) my orthopod wanted me to walk 2 miles/day with one of those moon boots. BUT THAT WAS ME. You need to know what will do the best for YOU and YOUR break.

Concentrating on strength and food is good. Learning patience is probably a good idea too! emoticon

Good success on your healing.

DOUGLYE Posts: 1,541
12/19/10 7:03 P

Push-ups, the Plank, Dips (between 2 chairs, hand on the seat of each chair, lower yourself and then lift back up again)

Check out this sparks page

SINGLEMOM1960 Posts: 992
12/19/10 5:40 P

So just do a key word search for wheel chair exercises?

SINGLEMOM1960 Posts: 992
12/19/10 5:39 P

Thank you. I need to hear these words. While my appetite has dwindled right now, I know cabin fever and boredom will set in and then all bets are off. I need to keep on top of what I eat and not let my temporary disability ruin my efforts.

GERAPTIKO Posts: 1,740
12/19/10 8:42 A

I know your question asked for exercises but with a broken foot & crutches, maybe you could focus on food? Eating right could help you heal better, too.
(And a big part of weight loss has to do with eating right, which I'm still working on.)

Good luck & I hope you get better soon.

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RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
12/19/10 8:34 A

chair workouts, look up
and a ergometer, wheel chair users use this to get cardio in..

SINGLEMOM1960 Posts: 992
12/19/10 2:37 A

Okay I just broke my foot 3 days ago and can't maneuver without the aid of crutches. Though using these torturous devices are an exercise in their own right, what can I do to keep up with my exercise? I know I can do the upper body, but how do I get my cardio in, and heart rate up? I need some good ideas that isn't going to damage my already broken right foot.

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