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start incorporating healthier foods in by cutting out a little of what you don't think is as good for you.
so instead of having a cup of pasta with sauce, have 7/8 cup of pasta with sauce with 1/8 cup veggies mixed in. and as you find veggies that you like mixed in, scale up the amount of veggies and down the amount of pasta.
i like nachos and more often than not, it tend to be just the cheese and chips kind. so i started making myself either do the full kind [where i am getting beans and peppers and tomatoes and avocado and lettuce] or have some carrots with hot sauce along with the cheese and chips.
if you love burgers and fries, don't have them in the same meal. have the burger with a salad or a broth based veggie soup. perhaps bake the fries with some fish.
when you try fish, try them in something like fish tacos. you can chop up a filet of a mild tasting fish into bite sized pieces. the toss it in a little flour and spices, and cook it up in a little olive oil [i generally use about a Tablespoon]. you can serve it by itself this way or you can put into corn tortillas with pico and lettuce and a little cheese.
if you love pizza, start adding a veggie topping and decreasing the amount of cheese and meat on it. also, add a side salad.
if you love mashed potatoes, start adding dark leafy greens in halfway through cooking to steam. and don't add so much water you have to drain, add just enough to steam the potatoes and greens. then mash with a little milk or greek yogurt.
if you're having mac and cheese, add some veggies to it. cauliflower and broccoli are both great additions.
so again, the basic idea is to take something you like and add something you think is good for you to it. once you hit on something you can stand, increase the quantity of the good stuff and scale back the quantity of what you think you should be eating less of.

1/14/13 8:17 P

There were tons of foods I thought I hated but in reality I just hated the way i had always had them served or just was afraid to try them.

I am a hugely picky eater and there is a ton of food I won't eat, do not like or refuse to try still lol But there has been a ton of things that I have changed my mind about or discovered that I did like.

For example growing up the veggies we had were almost always just from a can warmed up & disgusting. I thought I hated veggies because of that. Now I have begun to try fresh & frozen veggies and LOVE them. They have plain frozen and seasoned ones. My fav is the green giant frozen steamers.

You can also hide veggies in food. Make pasta sauce and pack it with veggies, casseroles, make a normal box of mac & cheese w/ veggies & chicken, omelettes packed with peppers & onions, etc...

Try fruit to smoothies is delicious too.

The only real meat I eat is turkey & chicken mostly. I would never touch fish in a million years lol. So yeah I get it but just do not be afraid to try new things or take a recipe you like and remake it healthier.

I love these blogs for recipe ideas:

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Well, you can lose weight eating less than healthy foods, so long as you create a caloric deficit. So, star by setting up your spark goals and trackers. Get your nutritional ranges. First work on eating on your range. A little goes a long way. It's enough to make you rethink some foods you may have thought you didn't like! Add in/swap the veggies /fruits you do like. Switch to whole wheat products from regular. Rally, really watch portion sizes. By the leanest cuts of meat. You can use ground turkey in place of ground beef or get the extra, super lean ground beef.

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My problem is i don't like so many healthy foods, like fish, fruit, vegeatables, a lot of dairy, lamb, pork etc. There is only so much turkey i can eat but i need to lose 20 kgs asap. any help would be appreciated

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