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1/3/14 11:02 A

Thank you everyone who took the time to reply. I really appreciate all of the input!

My height is only 5'3" so I should be able to get into a smaller weight range.

I currently have my goals re-set for losing 5 lbs per month until June. I would love to be down 30lbs by my birthday in June.
After that I will re-evaluate and see what timeframe feels attainable to lose those last 11 lbs.

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1/1/14 4:26 P

these are really great posts in this thread. brilliant. thank you to everyone!

ZZYYGGY3 Posts: 2,447
1/1/14 4:03 P

There are a lot of great articles on SP about Goal setting. Also Julia Morgenstein's book Time Management from the inside out is a great read for goal setting. I've set mini, medium, and long term goals on my spark page. Also read through people's spark pages for ideas as well.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/1/14 3:38 P

I would do a long term and a short term goal (and maybe even a medium term goal!!). Any goal you set should be attainable.

You mention that the weight of 129 was a weight you had in your early teens. I will be 44 - my body is sooo different than what it was when I was 13.

Maybe your goal could reflect something like 155 in 3 months (that's only 5 pounds a month and is do-able for most), then 145 in another in 2 months (5 months 25 pounds is a realistic goal for a lot of people, adding moderate exercise will help you).

When you hit 145 you may be happy with that weight, or decide to lose another 10 pounds.

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1/1/14 3:21 P

I would set a goal weight as somewhere in the healthy BMI range - though my first goal was to lose 4lb, then another 4lb and so on, and getting into the 'overweight' (instead of 'obese') category was a huge goal achieved.

But behaviour patterns are also useful goals. I have a goal of walking 10,000 steps a day (although if I've been to the gym I let myself off that one.) I also have a goal of staying within my calorie range. (Again I've let myself off that one over Christmas and new year - just got a wedding to go on Saturday and then I'm back to proper tracking)

You do need short term goals as well as long term ones because it's the success in the little goals that keep you motivated. And sometimes, in spite of your best efforts, the weight doesn't seem to shift. It's helpful then to see how you're sticking to behaviour goals - tracking food, exercising etc and then you can tell yourself that you will get through the plateau because you're doing the right things to enable you to lose weight.

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1/1/14 2:05 P

Goals should be SMART.

S: Specific. "Losing weight" is vague. "Walking three miles a week" is specific.
M: Measureable. Can you quantify your accomplishment?
A: Attainable. The goal must be realistic. "Winning a marathon next week" is not realistic if you are not a runner.
R: Relevant. The goal must be meaningful to you.
T: Time-bound: The goal must have a specific time limit.

More information can be found here:

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,299
1/1/14 9:14 A

There's so much that goes into setting a goal weight.... your height, your frame size (small-boned, large-boned, etc). Muscle mass. Body fat percentage. You don't mention your height, and also whatever recommendation your doctor may have made.

You could set your goal for 145, and then when you reach that goal, re-evaluate it. I say 145, because you mentioned weighing 145. I'm assuming you're not 5'11" or something, where 145 would be too low.

When I set my original goal, I took into consideration that the last 5 pounds are supposedly the hardest to lose (some people say the last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose).... so I decided to not bother trying to lose them! After I'd been at my original goal for over a year, I decided to lose those last 5 pounds. And now I'm going to see if it's just too hard to try to maintain this new, lower weight.

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12/31/13 9:06 P

I always set multiple goals.

1. 1 goal is a long-term fantasy weight that I know I may never reach. It's there as a possibility ... a dream ... not as an expectation that will torment me if it eludes me. It has changed a bit over the years as I have gradually lost weight.

2. Then I set a mid-term goal to aim for in 6 months or maybe 12 months. That's a realistic target that I believe I can achieve and maintain. That's what I set my nutrition tracker for.

3. Then I set short term goals for approximately 1 month at a time.

4. I also set process goals to maintain certain types of behavior -- regardless of whether or not I am losing weight with them.

For example, for 2014:

My long-term fantasy goal is to reach 135 pounds by the end of the year. But even my doctor is not sure I could maintain that with my frame. So I won't be upset if I don't make it.

Mid-term goal is to get to 145 for a June vacation.

My short-term goals include losing a little bit each month -- even if it is only 1 pound. If I am losing slowly, that's OK because I will be moving in the right direction and speed is not important. Long term progress is.

Good luck!

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12/31/13 6:43 P

I am having a hard time setting a goal!
In the last 10 years the lowest I have been is 145 and right now I am 170. In that time frame I have had 2 babies. With both I lost the pregnancy weight but now I have let the weight come back on. Up and down I go and I want to set a goal that I can reach and stay there. The tracker set my goal for 129. I would love to be there but I have not been that weight since my early teens so I am afraid it would be an unattainable goal and I would just disappoint myself again.
Should I try for a smaller goal?

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