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6/22/12 12:27 P

I love kale chips with nutritional yeast, nonstick olive spray oil, liquid aminos, lemon juice, and lemon pepper. YUM!

But it can be steamed, sauteed, or eaten raw. If you put it in a salad, chop it finely and kinda massage the dressing into it.

My mom makes great kale omelettes with kale, mushrooms, eggs, garlic, and fresh herbs.

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6/20/12 11:21 P

Thanks, KAPELAKIN! That sounds delicious!!!

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6/18/12 11:45 P

I love to make a kale salad. I ate an entire bunch of kale in one sitting this way last week! Take the ribs out of the kale, then roll the leaves up and cut them into thin ribbons (about 1/4"). Squeeze juice from a lemon over it, as well as a drizzle of olive oil, and toss. If you want to eat this soon, put it in a microwavable bowl, cover it and microwave for about 40 seconds, just to soften and wilt the kale a bit (less if you're using baby kale), then throw it in the fridge to cool. If you've got a few hours, you can just dress it and refrigerate it and it will soften up a bit without the microwave part.

You can add to this however you'd like. I like some salt, pepper, and very thinly sliced red onion. It's also good with chile powder, tossed with white beans, garlic, or some tuna salad.

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DSTENORE Posts: 87
6/17/12 3:19 P

It is called Dino Kale, it looks like a smaller version of a swiss chard leaf.

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6/17/12 3:18 P

I am not a fan of kale. I did try the tossing it in a little olive oil and garlic and then baking to make kale chips. They were ok but probably wouldn't do it again. Yesterday I purchased DINO KALE and have put it in smoothies. 1C Kale, 1C. Sliced Mango, 1/4C. Fresh Pineapple Chunks, 1/4 of a frozen banana, either use unsweeted almond milk (I buy Califia Farms brand) or just use water, add some ice, blend. The Vitamix is my new toy and it has really helped me add greens to my diet via way of smoothies and soups. FYI: I put swiss chard in with mango smoothies and it is great, much better than kale! You do not use the stems, just the green leaf. I add spinach to berry smoothies, spinach is very mild in the smoothie and if you are new to using greens in smoothies - start with spinach.

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6/16/12 6:25 P

I've heard of mashing it up into mashed potatoes... don't have a recipe though.

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6/13/12 8:32 P

I make a salad using torn kale leaves (tough ribs removed), slivered almonds, dried cranberries, candied ginger in an orange juice, garlic vinaigrette. It is so good and one of the top sellers at my local HEB, where they were getting it ready-made from Central Market. However, the kale was not organic and kale is one of the top ten worst vegetables for pesticides. So I found a recipe for it online and have been making it from scratch.

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6/11/12 9:43 P

I personally like to toss it into homemade broth-based soups, like minestrone. It's a nice change from the usual spinach.

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6/11/12 8:58 P

Thanks so much, LADY504BUG!


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6/11/12 4:34 P

I didn't realize there was flat leafed kale! I use curly. Make sure you watch your time. You don't want it to get black. Depending upon your oven, ten minutes should be more than enough.

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6/11/12 12:33 P

That sounds delicious! Do you use the curly kale or the flatter looking, darker green kale?

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6/10/12 10:34 P

Try making kale chips! Tear kale off the stems. Place on a cookie sheet. Spray with olive oil. Sprinkle with a little salt. Bake at 400 degrees for about 10 to 15 minutes. The kale will get crispy. Enjoy!

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6/9/12 9:09 A

I bought a bunch of fresh kale at farmers market this morning. My mom steams it and drizzles olive oil and garlic powder on it. The woman at the market said she cooks it in water with garlic and onion.

Any suggestions?


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