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5/30/14 7:01 P

Not eating!

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5/30/14 6:13 P

I have never asked because I was one of the thinies my whole life--then I retired emoticon

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5/30/14 5:42 P

Once I went to spend a day with a super thin friend. I got there at 8 am. She had not eaten breakfast.We ran around all day shopping, doing errands, etc. and she never ate. I asked her if she wanted to eat and she always said "Not just yet". When I told her I would buy she said, "I'm okay" I drank two bottles of water and she didn't drink anything and it was a warm day! Finally at 4 pm and with a hunger headache, I insisted we stop in the diner. I ordered a cup of soup and a half sandwich. She ordered a salad and I promise you, she only took three bites! When I asked her about it she said that she's just not that interested in eating, and when she gets hungry, she eats! smh!

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5/30/14 5:07 P

I have always had to fight my weight. However, I have a sister that had just the opposite problem. She could not gain weight. She is 5ft 8in tall and couldn't get her weight higher than 110-115. She ate everything she possibly could. She kept food in her office desk and ate constantly. She always ate seconds. Definitely deserts afterwards. After she turned about 50 she started gaining weight. She now weighs more than I do. She is at a total loss on what to do about it. She has no will power to stay with anything for very long. She keeps asking me how to diet. I have steered her to different books.

I was envious of her all my childhood but now I really feel sorry for her. She is really lost and she feels like she is a failure. If it is possible to understand, I guess we are lucky to know how to fight the battle. SparkPeople is definitely a great place to get encouragement and knowledge.

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5/20/14 8:54 P

I think you just answered your own question - skinny people are just happier not "eating a lot." Eating a lot can be fun while you're eating, but the feelings that arise afterwards aren't so fun (physically and mentally), so I find it's not really worth it to overeat. Indulge, yes, but within moderation.

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5/20/14 7:30 P

It seems to me from watching my kids, husband and friends that skinny people just stop eating when they are satisfied, they seem to have learned what is a good amount and desire the foods that the body is asking for, rather than overindulging or choosing certain foods to satisfy an emotional need. emoticon

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5/20/14 7:24 P

If someone has just met me. They might think, Oh she is thin. She has never had a problem with her weight.

That is not true. I have battled my weight ever since I was 20 and I am 39 now.

I too could eat until I burst and then I could eat some more, after that. I have to be mindful of what I eat and how much.

I also eat sandwiches. I am never going to give those up. I like bread. I have just cut back on it. Instead of rice or pasta every night. I will eat my entrée on a bed of sautéed vegetables.

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5/20/14 6:14 P

My father has always been thin. .-. All he does is eat rice and drink tea.

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5/20/14 5:22 P

I have asked my boyfriend how he stays so thin and he says he has never had a problem with weight and attributes it to his metabolism.

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5/14/14 8:13 A

some thin people have had to watch their weight before, so it is an effort to be that size.
other thin people never got off an appropriate feedback loop for themselves, so it's a little easier for them to judge what amount will make them feel full. when i say appropriate feedback loop i am talking about going by actual hunger cues from the start with no journeys into cleaning your plate, emotional eating or all the other crap that doesn't belong in food that gets tied in with it once you stop using your actual hunger feedback loop.
it's particularly telling that you don't think a food like turkey can be enjoyed in under 2 turkey legs and thighs. the enjoyment of food isn't [or shouldn't be] measured in grams or ounces, where the more you eat the more pleasure you get out of it. enjoyment of food should be about taste and texture, and it can be possible to get that pleasure out of a 3-4 ounce piece of it. and the idea that you have to have quantity to get pleasure is one of those things that interrupts the feedback loop. this is the kind of weird misconception that gets into the feedback loop and to someone without that interruption it makes about the same amount of sense as doing half the hokey pokey or wearing a blue shirt to enjoy your food.
i don't think thin people avoid bread, but at the same time they don't have a bagel/muffin for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and a roll/slice of bread with dinner all in the same day. or if they do, it's an odd thing, not an everyday thing.
pasta dishes and chilis are great ways to eat vegetables that aren't salads. a half cup of pasta with a cup of vegetables doesn't look much different to the people you eating with than a cup and a quarter of pasta and 1/4 cup of vegetables. if they are looking that closely at what you're eating it's their problem, not your problem. and chili is a jumble of ingredients anyways, so it's easy to add in extra onion and peppers or to grate in carrots and squash or toss in chopped broccoli and cauliflower.
there are also thin people who have what amounts to mild eating disorders. they eat as little as possible to maintain their weight, they binge and purge or they basically starve themselves the rest of the time to balance out what they eat out with other people.
there are two reasons why you find emaciated vegetarians. people who are already sick become vegetarians because "vegetarians are healthier than non veggies," and it is their effort to get all the nutrients they need and part of how they have chosen to heal themselves. there are also people with eating disorders who use the veg label to hide their eating disorder. since veg and vegan food are more common some of the maskers seems to be switching to gluten as the go to way for getting out of eating food in more public settings.
no veg protein is complete, but as long as you eat a variety of veg protein sources you'll get what you need. so if you ate all soy, you'd be missing one. but the one that soy is missing isn't the same as the two that lentils lack, which is entirely different than what nuts lack, which is entirely different than what grains are missing. so eating a variety of protein containing foods balances it out.
vegans use no animal products whatsoever. vegetarians will use products from animals where the animals were not killed in providing that product [honey, eggs, wool], though some vegetarians do skip some of those items for whatever reason as well.

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5/14/14 5:09 A

To MDH44109: I just wanted to weigh in on the vegan issue as I'm a vegan as well. Just so you know, vegan food is much more interesting (and delicious!) than just salads! Have a look at this web site: They have delicious recipes and not a salad in sight!

The difference between vegetarian and vegan is that vegetarian is just a diet (which still includes animal products in the form of dairy and eggs), while vegan is an ethical lifestyle. As a vegan, not only do I not eat any product that came from animals, but I also don't use anything like leather, fur, wool, or cosmetics that were tested on animals.

And as BIISHO said, we believe that standing up for animals is just as, if not more important than standing up for humans, because animals can't stand up for themselves and are powerless against our abuses of them.

As to the protein issue (I think you brought that up somewhere? Or perhaps someone else did?) Plant based proteins are actually MORE complete than animal based proteins. Also our bodies were designed to digest and absorb them better. The most complete protein that there is comes from the combination of beans and rice, but in truth protein exists in just about everything. An avocado has between 5 and 9 grams of protein. 100 grams of spinach actually has MORE protein than 100 grams of beef steak.

Obviously, as with anyone else, vegans can over eat (would I be here if that wasn't so? lol). But I've recently switched to a 100% raw vegan diet and been having great success with it. I'm never hungry - because it's about changing what I eat rather than restriction - and even though I've been feeling as if I was "pigging out" some days, I've been steadily losing weight - 8 kilos (roughly 17 1/2 pounds) over 6 weeks without even being very active! I've been tracking my nutrition just for my own peace of mind and I always meet or exceed my protein and other requirements. The thing that has freaked me out the most is that many days I go way over what I think I should eat calorie wise, but because those calories are coming from fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, I'm still losing weight! Weird, but good!

Anyway I hope this is helpful and/or interesting information!

: )

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5/13/14 9:35 P

My dad is as thin enough that he's actually under weight and has been that way his entire life - he actually gained 20 pounds only to louse it and never gain it back after having mono years ago. He can eat a while medium pizza (and did tonight for dinner) and every day for lunch has an egg on toast with cheese, plus what ever number of bowls of cereal that he goes though.

He just has a very high and fast metabolism that it burns though things so fast that makes me wish of all the things I inherited from him that it would have been that!

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5/13/14 6:37 P

The best way I have found to stay full is the PFF method - Protein, Fiber, and good Fats.

I'd really suggest that you track your food here. (if you don't). Track your current food consumption for a few days. Then look back and see what it is that is adding a lot of empty calories to your diet.

Then, set about changing it - slowly. Give your body time to adapt to the fewer amount of calories.

Let's say you are currently eating 2800 per day, and your target is 1800-2200. For 2 days eat 2600. Then for 2 days eat 2400. Then for 2 days eat 2200. Then for 2 days eat 2000. Then aim to always eat 1800-2100. Doing it that way gives your brain and your stomach time to adjust.

As you keep taking things out - you need to find good to replace them with. Instead of the bag of chips for a snack for 350 calories, you substitute and apple (saving over 200 cals). So then you are having an apple as your snack - then change something else. Instead of grilled chicken and mac and cheese for dinner, substitute the mac and cheese for 2 cups greenebeans - saving another 300 calories.

Right there, something like those 2 changes could save you 500 calories a day.

Then look at lunch. Instead of tuna salad on bread for a sandwich - have the tuna salad on a (he he) salad. Not having the bread saves you another 200 calories - now you have saved about 700 a day - and that might be all you need to do.

The more you take out, the more you add back in - but you add back in lower calorie, lower fat healthier option. So, you are still eating almost the same volume of food.

Easiest to think of like this: One snickers bar has 250 calories. A whole head of cauliflower (a whole head!!!) has 200 calories. A whole head of cauliflower is a helluva lot of food!!!

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5/13/14 6:21 P

Oh.. ok then. I'm sorry too. I still think helping animals is just as good as helping people... maybe even better because animals can't stand up for themselves. But that's just my opinion.

But anyway, about the food issue... you're not alone, I think most people feel "hungry" all the time. It happens to me too, especially when I'm restricting calories, I guess it's not real hunger but some days I just can't stop eating. There are some "tricks" to fight that too, what works for me is drinking coffee or water, chewing gum or eating a small candy, brushing my teeth always helps too... you just have to find what works for you.

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5/13/14 6:05 P

damn........ I hate it when they apologize......

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5/13/14 5:58 P

Oh, I didn't know exactly what vegan meant. I thought it was just a shorter way of saying vegetarian.

I do help people. I do charity work. I donate money and items to various charities. I did rescue a cat one time from an animal shelter, but it died of distemper a few days later. I wasn't trying to accuse you of anything. I figured you may have been helping people. Here on Spark you help people by offering good advice. You helped me by giving me good advice on adding healthier foods to my diet. Not just to eat only salads. So I already figured you liked to help people too.

I never said anything was wrong with helping animals. Just that in addition to it, helping people is better, but I was talking about me. You responded twice on this topic. So I guess I was just trying to pass the time. You know how it is, on the spur of the moment I just said something off the top of my head without really thinking about it. I probably shouldn't have brought it up. Sorry about that.

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5/13/14 5:46 P


XHUNTERX Posts: 974
5/13/14 5:24 P

whoa! watch out we have an anti vegan over here.
Don't worry MDH44109. No one will try to turn you vegan. It's pretty obvious you don't have the willpower it takes.

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5/13/14 5:10 P

I was thin until my late 20's and my dd was born. After that I wasn't on the go as much, gained weight and struggled to lose it.

I was just thin from the time I was a young child. I did nothing to purposefully make myself that way.
I ate plenty of food but sometimes I skipped meals. I wasn't dieting. Sometimes I forgot to eat or just didn't want to bother. I didn't worry about my diet at all.
I didn't eat tubs of ice cream, giant bags of chips or a lot of fast food. I didn't avoid junk food but it wasn't something I had a lot of.
I think I was much more active when I was younger- not athletic but I walked more.
I was sick fairly often when I was thin (nothing serious). I don't get sick as often now.

I believe I gained weight and had trouble losing due to a change in lifestyle (much more sedentary) and getting older.

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5/13/14 5:07 P

yea... well being "vegan" implies that you do it for the animals...

" I feel that people are more important anyway. In my opinion If I want to take a stand against a cause then it's going to be for a human cause. "

Well, then why aren't you doing it? why don't you take a stand against a human cause? I mean, seriously, I get that A LOT "why do you rescue stray dogs when there are 1000000 millions of starving children around the world?" and it's funny because I usually get that from people who don't do anything to help anyone at all. I care about animals and that's why I like helping them. At least I'm doing something, you know? what are YOU doing? and BTW, just because I like helping animals doesn't mean I don't help people so I don't know why you just assume that.
Anyway, I do believe (most) animals are more important than (most) people. But that's just me, if you care so much about people then maybe you can donate all the extra food you say you usually buy.

I don't even know why you had to bring that up, I didn't even suggest you to go vegan or something, but oh well.....
good luck.

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5/13/14 4:41 P


You are right of course. I got a little carried away. I'm not going to eat salads literally everyday. I meant, just incorporate them on a regular basis into my diet. OK, every other day then. emoticon

You mentioned in an earlier post about only eating when I'm hungry. That's the problem. I'm always hungry for some reason. I think it's because I eat too fast, and it doesn't register until it's too late. Plus I never ate breakfast as a child, so that habit has remained with me for most of my life. So I tend to be over hungry the rest of the day. I have to work on that one.

I watch vegan food programs sometimes on the Create channel on PBS. I think it's called "The Jazzy Vegetarian." I like most of their ideas. I could eat a mostly vegan diet, no problem. But not 100%. I still have to have meat at least a couple times a week.

The only thing that bothers me about it though is that from what I've read. Most plant based foods are incomplete proteins (except for soybean) and I would be concerned about getting enough essential amino acids which make up proteins. I have noticed that some people who are (or were) vegetarians tend to be a little emaciated, such as Michael Jackson.

I'm not sure, from what I've heard most people are vegans for either health reasons, or because they are concerned about the abuse of animals, and want to make a statement against it. Which is fine. I love animals myself. I hate it when people kill baby seals or whales. I have seen TV programs on the abuse of cows at the slaughter house. It does bother me, but I guess not enough to take a stand against it. I feel that people are more important anyway. In my opinion If I want to take a stand against a cause then it's going to be for a human cause.

I hope I wasn't rude or anything, I tried not to be. Have a nice day.

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5/13/14 4:01 P

Its mostly in the genes and their view on food. emoticon

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5/13/14 4:00 P

I was a Thin person until my Forty's when husband, kids, ageing parents, the death of my father and other stressors entred my life. I'm taking back control eating Just As I Did when I was Thin! First I was more active, I balanced our family meals and ate at the same time everyday except lunch when kids in school and hubby working. Yes, we had junk foods in the house, although not as much and one bag of chips, cookies, candy was made to last until the folllowing payday. I Did Not Overbuy or Stock any type of junkfoods, I stocked on pantry staples and meats. We had a treat day for pizza, fast food every two weeks and Never went through a drive thru or restruant on a daily basis. What I did Notice as I was gaining, I was eating More food altogether no matter the type. I began buying more junk and eating it between meals, we began to order more take out or pizzas. I became Less active. Now to me, it seems as if ate barely anything while thin-yet always felt satisfied. I Know its because I became adjusted to larger portions, ate more unhealthy snacks between meals and never admitting to myself I was gaining weight. I told myself my clothes shrank or some other excuse and bought a size or two up, giving in to comfortable stretchy elastic waist knits/athletic pants instead of the traditional pants/shorts that would feel tight in the waist if I ate to much.. Now slowly going back to the way I Used to eat and Losing!

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5/13/14 3:37 P

If you think that will work for you then it's fine... buuuut, I think one of the most common mistakes people make is to think they must eat salad all the time in order to be skinny and healthy. I mean if you like salad it is fine, the more you eat the better... but there are many other healthy things you could eat. I'm vegan and I hardly ever eat salads... well, I eat lots of fruits, grains.. some veggies, but I really don't like having salad as a main course.

But then again, if you like salads and you think you can have them everyday as the main course then well, I guess that's great.

MDH44109 SparkPoints: (1,739)
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5/13/14 3:22 P

That's a GREAT idea. Thanks a million for that one. I knew someone would come up with a fundamental idea that would be easy to do.

Of course I've tried salads in the past. But I still usually drenched it in blue cheese, and salad was still only the appetizer.

For a man there is a social stigma against eating too many fruits and vegetables. If a guy catches another guy eating a big salad. He probably will get picked on. The main course has to be meat or a sandwich.

I knew I should eat healthier. So I guess without really realizing it, I tended to keep salads and veggies to a minimum. Plus when I did eat vegetables I would buy a pound of it, then I would get sick of the taste. You made me realize that eating a variety of a few vegetables (amedley), as in a salad makes a lot more sense.

Now that I'm older I don't care about what anyone else thinks. "I gotta do what I gotta do".

What I'm going to do now is to have a FRUIT SALAD for lunch, as the MAIN COURSE. Then have some protein on the side just by itself, without bread. Then for dinner have a VEGETABLE SALAD as the main course, then add some lean meat into the salad. Then put olive oil or red wine vinegar into spray bottles, then just spray a fine coating on it, instead of drenching it in salad dressing.

This way I can eat healthier by having a variety of fruits and vegetables everyday, changing it up everyday with a different medley. Without getting tired of it.

Great! I think this will work for me. Hopefully someone else will be inspired too.

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5/13/14 2:57 P

I was thin up until my 30s. I was much more active, and smoked, which killed my appetite.

Right before I left New York, I found a gym near my work and had a great boss who would let me go for a 2 hour lunch so I could work out, then I would work late to make up the time. At that point I was in the best shape of my life.

Then I moved, and lost my healthy habits (and smoking thankfully), so now I am working on getting the healthy lifestyle back.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 21,093
5/13/14 2:44 P

It's wrong to think thin people are not greedy, they can be greedier than heck about all kinds of other things, just not food, AND they can have rotten attitudes because they need more carbs, lol. Being thin does not guarantee happiness, another reason why losing a lot of weight does not guarantee happiness for the former fatties, and they can be disappointed to learn that.

The young thin people that I meet at work, tend to be alcohol drinkers, they don't mind missing meals, but make a point to drink alcohol every day, and even count up those calories.

It's an interesting question, though, there have been reams written about it for decades.

It is not just the anorexic or bulimics that have the eating disorders, I think lack of control over food is an eating disorder, too, but not publicized because so many have it, and it really can't be CURED, at least, not yet.

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5/13/14 2:33 P

I started paying attention to what the thin people were eating for lunch in our lunchroom. I noticed they do not eat sandwiches - they eat salads. They eat leftovers, mainly a piece of chicken and some veggies. They eat salads and dip them in the dressing instead of pouring it on the salad. They eat veggies and avoid the cookies and bagels! The eat much fewer carbs that I normally would have!

XHUNTERX Posts: 974
5/13/14 2:13 P

Thin people aren't greedy.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
5/13/14 12:09 P

@ Arch - funny thing about hasn't helped me one bit...but:

My Mom's cousin once quit smoking - and gained 10 pounds, she was so mortified that she went right back to smoking in order to those them!

Me, I'd take those 10 pounds... emoticon

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5/13/14 11:58 A


I work part time at a gym teaching group exercise classes. I've done this for several years now. a while ago, a new member came up to me and we started talking. Eventually, she said,"you're thin. you don't know what's it's like to be overweight". I begged to differ. I know exactly what it's like because I spent most of my life being overweight. I even showed her an old photo I had with me.

There is an assumption that thin people were always thin. Not so, there are thin people who once were overweight. How did we lose ? I did it by reforming my eating habits. I learned to eat right (at least better) and I learned to watch my portion sizes.

And I agree, there is an assumption that if you're thin, you must be healthy. Not so. I know plenty of skinny people who smoke and don't eat. In fact, on Saturday, as I was coming out of the gym, I walked past a group of young women all dressed in workout clothes. They seemed to be coming back from a workout too.

Guess what, half of them were smoking as they were walking along. A lot of women smoke because it decreases their appetite. Now does this mean all women who are thin smoke ? of course not. Some do have naturally fast metabolisms. But, I do agree, with time and a sedentary desk job, a person's metabolism does start to slow down. And if we don't eat right, the weight will start to pack on fast.

The point for the OP ? you too can become one of those thin people. It takes time to reform eating habits learned over a life time, but it can be done.

TRYINGHARD54 Posts: 5,292
5/13/14 5:59 A

just because their thin don't mean their healthy,

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (255,160)
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5/13/14 5:54 A

just as there is no ONE reason for all the overweight people, there is no ONE reason for all the thin folks.

my boss eats the crappiest foods (eating at fast food places for lunch most days). He's finally getting better about drinking plain water. Not too long ago, he was drinking Tang several times a day at work.
but he never sits still. Even when he's at his desk, he's constantly fidgeting. He is always doing projects around the house. He never eats anything between meals, and he doesn't care too much for sweets/desserts.

my BIL drinks a LOT of beer. His favorite food is potato chips. He'll eat anything, and at times, nothing at all. If he gets busy on a project, he'll forget to eat all day.

my personal fitness instructor has one cheat day a week. And she eats as much as she wants of whatever she wants on that day. The rest of the week, she's very strict with her eating.

GARDYLOO Posts: 118
5/13/14 5:27 A

I think the number one reason is that thin people (if they're *healthy* thin) don't have eating disorders. It's probably fair to say that most of us with excess weight have a problem with limits, knowing when to say, "no", etc. I realized that I was using food to cope with stress. I would imagine a lot of people here have the same problem.

Other factors:

-YOUTH - I probably ate 3000 calories a day when I was in my 20s and I was skinny! *sigh*

-People who are highly active - I've yet to see someone who runs 25km a week who is overweight (or if they are, they won't be for long)!

-People who eat 100% raw vegan (I've just switched from cooked to raw, and let me tell you, it's working!!)

-Very tall/big boned people who eat the same portions as everyone else eats when really they should be eating more.

LULUBELLE65 SparkPoints: (37,106)
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5/13/14 4:34 A

My best friend is thin. She can go out to dinner and eat a rack of ribs and a plate of side dishes, and still have room for dessert. But she does that once a month or so; most what she eats on a daily basis is really healthy and of a limited portion. So she'll have oatmeal or yogurt with fruit on it and a coffee for breakfast, peanut butter on an apple or some cheese and a piece of fruit for lunch, and a dinner that is some sort of protein and several veggies. She always has a small glass or two of wine with dinner, but that's it, not half a bottle.

She can have a tin of cookies sit on the counter for weeks without digging into it, and she and her husband like to go on an evening walk to the gelatto shop, which is half a mile from her house--she always gets a small.

She also walks the mile to and from work every day, and rides her bike to the market a couple times a week.

I think the short answer is that thin people eat healthily 80-90% of the time and engage in daily physical activity. Certainly there are those outliers who seem to be able to eat anything they want, but unless they are teenagers, they probably eat less than you think.

REBECANOLA Posts: 3,285
5/13/14 4:30 A

I'll also add that my BF is thin, but he does not exercise or do anything to counteract his love of the Dollar Menu, frozen Swedish Meatballs, and canned chili (I didn't even know people ate that stuff except on hot dogs at barbecues). And now that he's hit 40 that's catching up with him - his cholesterol level is more than double what mine is, actually we don't really know because his triglycerides are so high. When I can actually get him to hike or bike, he gets winded faster than I do. I'd call him skinny fat. Weight isn't the only measure of health, but I will admit he tends to have a better approach to how much food to consume than I tend to.

MDH44109 - it took me years, literally years, to get to a point where I didn't think a pint of ice cream was one serving. Now, I can have it in the freezer for two weeks or more. But it took me a lot of thinking about my relationship with food and a lot of mental work, actually. And I still have my moments. I still like big meals, but I try to load up on vegetables. I didn't grow up with a lot of junk food and we had a healthy attitude towards treats, but somewhere along the way I got hungry all the time and got used to overeating. My brother and I were raised in the same house, same food, both active - he's always been thin, I've mostly been fat. If he gets depressed or stressed, he loses ten pounds. I get depressed or stressed, I gain 20.

--MEOW-- Posts: 4,707
5/13/14 12:08 A

I think it's just about eating only when you're hungry.

MDH44109 SparkPoints: (1,739)
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5/13/14 12:06 A

My Father would buy a bag of chips and let it sit on top of the refrigerator for a few weeks. It would drive me up the wall, I mean at least put it in the cupboard so I don't have to look at it. But he would just eat a handful at a time. With me I can eat the whole bag at once. When I was a kid I would eat a whole half gallon of butter pecan ice cream in one sitting.

You had a good point about not using food as a reward, I suppose I knew that. There are so many good points about weight control I can't remember them all. I'll have to put that one at the top of the list.

What bothers me is that I know full well that if I eat a regular meal it is enough, and it even feels enough, I just have to wait half an hour for it to register. Most of the time even knowing this though I still buy 10 times more than I should, then I still worry I'm not going to be full enough, and I will still buy 6 bananas just in case.

I just have to get it through my thick skull that food is food not to be abused. It's good enough to eat just to live. Thanks for your insight!

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5/13/14 12:05 A

Some thin people I know just have great metabolism, can't seem to gain weight. Some eat little portions, some eat healthy foods, say no to the wrong ones, work out on a regular basis. For me I like eating the wrong stuff, have a hard time controlling portions, but making better choices for the most part now. I think I need to get interested in other things in life to the point where eating the wrong foods is not even something I think about much at all - too interested in doing other things, is that possible, lol? I hope so.

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5/12/14 11:33 P

I believe there are a variety of reasons that thin people are thin just as there a variety of reasons some of us are fat.

My husband in naturally skinny.

I think he won the genetic lottery as his mom was skinny and his dad fat.

But there are also things like:
He doesn't like sweets. An occasional sweet is okay but he can take or leave them. (Must have been dropped on his head one time too many) emoticon
He doesn't think about food or that it is time to eat. He eats when he is hungry.
He doesn't have food triggers...just because he sees it or has it available doesn't mean he has to eat it. He can eat a couple of handfuls of chips and be done for the day.
He doesn't have food issues...he thinks of food as food, not a reward or a comfort measure.
He was raised in a home where healthy foods were the norm. Treats were fruit, not cakes and cookies.
He likes to be busy. He climbs the stairs instead of using the elevator. He doesn't like to sit around and watch TV.
He eats most of his calories early in the day. He likes big breakfasts, a medium lunch and an evening snack.

I'm sure there are other reasons that make a difference.

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5/12/14 7:34 P

sadly...I know very few thin people
of those I do know...a few have nuclear metabolism...and eat like there is no tomorrow...but most outgrow that gift later in life.
the other thin people I know really do eat healthy and are naturally active...but they get away with more calories because 1. they never had to diet, and 2. they don't binge.

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OMG - I guy I knew could eat cheesesteaks and burgers and pizza everyday and never gain - he had a really high metabolism. Sigh.

Maybe the other people (the not hungry ones) are more "in tune" with their bodies? Maybe they have better receptors to signal when they are not hungry vs. true hunger?

I guess everyone is just different - and we are kinda the unlucky ones emoticon

LOL @ Rebecca with the cake " What do that question and that answer have to do with each other?" I know, right? ha ha ha ha

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My boyfriend is thin. He's never been overweight, even right now he's heavier than he's ever been and he's still less than my "goal" weight. He actually has terrible eating habits - he likes healthy food, but he does not choose it, and when I'm not feeding him he eats lots of processed junk. He has this thing, though, of not being able to eat when he's not hungry and not liking how it feels to be full. I mean, I've actually heard him answer the question "would you like a piece of cake" with "No thanks, I'm not hungry." What do that question and that answer have to do with each other? I wish I couldn't eat when not hungry or didn't have to work so hard at avoiding being full- which just might be the difference between the two of us.

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How do thin people do it? Has anybody ever asked? At Thanksgiving at my Step Brother's house, most of the younger people are thin. I always hear the relatives comment that they hardly ever see them eating. I guy about 25 had just a little bit of meat, I had two turkey legs and thighs. I wanted to ask him how in the world does he not want to enjoy eating a lot. But I didn't want to embarrass him.

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