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2/16/10 6:12 P

I enter the entire recipe as a food grouping in my tracker. I typically say the whole recipe is "1 serving" then if it makes 4 servings, I'll enter ".25" for the amount I ate, but you could also enter how many servings it actually is.

BUSYBEE219 Posts: 101
2/16/10 4:33 P

That was really helpful :) Glad I stopped by to read

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2/16/10 11:06 A

I use the Spark People recipe calculator - you will find it on the recipes page.
I measure/weigh each ingredient and enter it accordingly in the calculator, and calculate the nutrition info for the entire batch that I cooked. Then when I divide the food for deep freezing, I enter the number of servings and get the updated nutritional info per serving.
Once that is done, I save my recipe in my "Favourites" section in the nutrition tracker using the "add a food not listed" button, and simply copy down the nutrition content.
And I don't save/share the recipes or enter directions.
Hope this helps

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2/16/10 10:36 A

I enter my most used recipes at listed in the Healthy Lifestyles toolbar at the top of this page.

I choose not to share the recipe and don't fill in the directions or amounts other than in the section that figures out the nutritional content. It's easy to use and to edit.

Good luck!

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2/15/10 6:05 P

I do a web search (or look for other foods people have already uploaded to SparkPeople) and find the recipe that is the closest to how I make it. Why re-invent the wheel? If it is close a few calories ± may not be worth the extra calculations.

2/15/10 4:19 P

Use! It will let you calculate and share recipes. You will also receive Spark points for posting and can add whatever you make to your meal plan.

It's so easy! I made soup earlier today and already uploaded the recipe.

BLUEPLATE Posts: 655
2/15/10 2:58 P

One thing I like to do, so I don't need to eyeball the servings, is actually measure out the finished recipe into cups, so I know how many cups the total recipe makes, and then I can serve myself in increments of that.

Like, I made a pot of chili, and calculated the total calories in the whole pot, and then scooped it out from one container to another in 1 cup increments (tedious, yes, and it gets two pots dirty, but as long as you make it the same way every time you only have to do it once!), and then divided the recipe's total calories by the number of cups there were.

Voila! 210 calories per cup of my chili! :)

2/15/10 2:54 P

yes it does. gonna be intersting thank you for your help emoticon

RUHBEHKA Posts: 62
2/15/10 2:47 P

You'd add up the calories in the portion of each ingredient you used, then divide by a reasonable number of servings.

For example, let's say you used:
1 lb of ground meat
1/2 jar of tomato sauce

You'd look up the calories in 1 lb ground meat, cooked and drained (let's say it's, I dunno, 1200). Then you'd look up the calorie in 1 jar of tomato sauce (let's say 400). But you only used half the jar, so you'd divide the 400 by 2 and get 200.

Now you'd add 1200 + 200 = 1400 calories if you ate the whole thing.

But you're not going to eat a pound of meat, of course, so let's say that it looks like you could feed seven people with it. 1400 divided by 7 = 200.

So for every seventh of the dish you ate, you'd have 200 calories.

Make sense?

2/15/10 2:42 P

and determine a portion size? for instance i make homemade sloppy joes with reduced sodium tomato soup, celery and ground turkey. (and some spices) so how do I figure that out? is there a calculator here? or any where??

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