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3/20/12 8:40 P

Thank you all for the advice. When I first bought the weights, I intended them for strength training. My husband suggested I wear them as I walk my daily mile. Day one I walked just around the house - no big deal- for about 20 minutes. Day two I reduced the weight to reflect about a pound and a half each leg - walked for five minutes and really felt a pull at my knee. I stopped immediately. Your words make sense. I tried this because I've heard of others using these weights to walk and run. With bulging spinal discs and degenerative disc disease and pinched nerves in each hip, I don't need to pull my knees out of place emoticon . I like the idea of vest. I have decided today to give myself two months of consistent exercise then once the habit is established I will invest in a vest. emoticon

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3/19/12 11:48 P

I agree with the other posters - ankle weights stretch your knee joints in stopping the momentum of the weights with each and every stride, and as such are potentially dangerous. The knee is designed to be compressed, not stretched. There's a reason why "the Rack" was a medieval torture device.

A backpack or weight vest keep the weight close to your center of gravity, and are a much safer way of adding weight.

Ankle weights can be used safely for the slow and controlled movements of strength training, but not for the faster movements of cardio exercise.

In terms of tracking calories from additional weight, try the calorie calculator at
You can add 10 lbs to your bodyweight, and then enter the calories manually into Spark.


3/19/12 11:20 P

Walking or doing any form of exercise with wrist or ankle weights is to ask to be injured. They chage your body mechanics and place stress in locations which are not designed to handle that form of stress. If you want to add weight to increase your work when exercising add a weight vest. The caveat is that adding a weight vest of less than 10% of your bodyweight is under 200 pounds or 5% if over 200 pounds and unfit is ineffective.

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3/19/12 9:25 P

Hi Tonya,

Ankle weight are not designed for wearing when walking and can actually be detrimental for you as this can lead to a change in your walking form which could lead to a potential injury.

The calorie burn by wearing them would be insignificant as the added weight will slow you down.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

3/19/12 9:07 P

I'm new to walking with weights and do not find it on the list in my tracker. I am currently walking 5 minutes a day with 5 pounds on each leg. I would like to know how to track this so I can keep up with calories burned. I know how to add my own exercise, just want to know how to have it read out the calories burned while wearing weights. Any advice?

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