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7/12/11 7:35 P

You go to the pull down menu (on the start page) for other sites. You go to the recipe section and that will lead you to the recipe calculator. The site will walk you through the steps of adding a recipe. You can share the recipe (if it is not copy written) or you can save it only to your page.

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7/4/11 9:33 A

I came into SparkPeople from the back door of using Spark Recipes! The sites are hooked but when I go to SparkRecipes, frequently I'm asked for my userid/password again.

One way into SparkRecipes is to click on Recipes when you're in you're Nutrition Tracker. You'll see a place to click to "Access the Recipe Calculator".
(Other way: At the top, there's a tab for "healthy Lifestyle". One of the dropdowns is
[Third way, go directly to]

Now that you're in SparkRecipes, click on "Use our Free Recipe Calculator"
They have 4 steps. The important one to get the nutrition analyzed is "Add an Ingredient". It should look familiar because it looks like the Nutrition Tracker. You'll have an opportunity to "Enter an ingredient not found" if you need to.

Enter your ingredients and if all you want to do is calculate the calories for your own use, there's a couple of mandatory fields. If you want to share with the world, then you'll have to re-enter the ingredients and the instructions.

At the end, you can save it just for yourself or save it for everyone to see it.

Even if you save it for yourself, it will appear in SparkPeople on the Nutrition Tracker.

I love using SparkRecipes for calculating how I can tweak family favorites to get rid of calories.

6/29/11 4:41 P

OMG, I'm having the same problem! Did anyone ever respond to this? I'd love to add some great recipes of mine!

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4/29/11 11:32 A

I really have problems, I have looked for 10 minutes in the recipe section and connot find a place to submit recipes. Anyone have any step by step intructions on where to submit???


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