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2/4/13 9:12 P

I was really hoping you would say something different but I will see a doctor as soon as I can get the $10 co-pay for that visit. Thanks for the advice, have a great day.

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2/3/13 7:44 P

Please consider seeing a doctor.

If you don't have a dull ache all the time and the pain only comes on when you work out, that is definitely sounding like an injury that needs treatment.

2/3/13 6:49 P

I worked out on Wednesday last week and noticed the pain when I took a short brisk walk last night. Only notice the pain when I'm exercising, not when I'm just walking around like grocery shopping, etc. I will try these stretches as recommended, I have not done any exercise like this in years, earlier in the week, I did the Wii dance game and bowling and baseball but felt no pain or discomfort after that. When I worked out at the gym, I was on the eliptical for about 5 minutes doing a hill, then went to weights, then went to the treadmill for 22 minutes with an incline of 10%, then went to the stationary bike with a 7% incline for 10 minutes. I guess this old body needs to work up to that type of strenuous exercise. Thanks all for the help.

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2/3/13 6:40 P

The stretch Unident is referring to is the Standing Quad Stretch. Demo here

I also agree with the points made about DOMS and pain.


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2/3/13 6:21 P

I'm also a bit concerned that it was "last week" and now only hurts when you actually walk. Sounds more like an injury than just the "oooh, I worked hard" feeling of DOMS that comes after working out.

Rest up, if pain persists in 1-2 days, see a doctor.

Generally speaking, thigh stretching is done either by standing against a wall and lifting a foot up to your bum then holding the foot up with your hand while trying to pull it down again, or else put one foot on a seat behind you and slowly bend the other leg until you feel the stretch.

I would not recommend stretching this if it's brought on by exercise though - rest first, see a doctor if it doesn't go away. If it aches kind of all the time just a little, that could be DOMS, and you can then go ahead and stretch it.

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2/3/13 5:57 P

Your quads?

How long ago did you work the muscle? If it's standard DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) the cause is microscopic tears in the muscle fibers. Stretch can provide some relief, but it won't stop the discomfort. Only healing and time can do that.

If it's actual PAIN (as opposed to discomfort) you may have an injury, and would need to see a doctor. Again, stretching won't stop the pain in that case, either.

2/3/13 3:27 P

I did an hour workout last week in the gym for the first time in years and now the front of my thigh, top of my leg (whatever you want to call it) is hurting when I do any walking and I need to know how to stretch this muscle so it quits hurting and I can resume my workout.

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