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1/27/11 2:14 P

I go to Curves for my strength training and I have been doing the Turbo Jam series. I definitely don't want to lose my curves, I just wish my arms looked a little smaller. I feel like a man sometimes.

CHOOWY Posts: 4,240
1/27/11 2:13 P

Check out: tracy anderson arm workout marie claire

or tracy anderson arm workout self magazine

ABRANDNEWME15 Posts: 3,071
1/27/11 1:15 P

I'm googling it too!

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1/27/11 1:09 P

I have found this to help. Hold a 3 lb. weight in each hand straight over your head. Then bend your elbows slowly touching the back of your neck. Lifting weights behind your head really helps the underside of the arms. I do 30 reps 2 times a day. Very slowly!! You will feel the burn in just the right spot, trust me!! Hope this helps.

RFCGIRL Posts: 91
1/27/11 12:52 P

Sounds interesting choowy...Im googling! lol

CHOOWY Posts: 4,240
1/27/11 12:48 P

Eat clean to get lean. Then pushups and triceps dips helped me.

Lastly, the one and only thing that ever worked to tone the underarm was the Tracy Anderson Mat Method arm's a killer! You can Google a magazine article that represented some of the moves...that's how I discovered it. The great thing about her moves is that you will start to see results within a week!

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1/27/11 12:48 P

That's a misconception, KEELYME. a woman CAN lift heavy weights with lower repetitions and not get bulky.

If a woman gets bulky, it's because she has a higher level of testosterone than average. It takes an obscene amount of lifting for a woman to look like a body builder. Lifting heavy 1-3 times per week will not achieve those types of results.

Therefore if the OP is looking to strength training, she should not be afraid to lift heavy.

KEELYME Posts: 1,162
1/27/11 12:44 P

For strength training, you should concentrate on a lot of reps with a relatively light weight. Heavier weights and shorter weights tend to build bulk.

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1/27/11 12:17 P

As others have already noted, you can't spot reduce areas of your body you don't like. It would be nice if we could, but we can't.

However, if you eat right, watch your portions and get some regular exercise that includes some strength training, you will lose weight off your entire body with time.

Also, in order for a woman to show "definition", they have to have really low body fat. So, if you want defined arms (show muscle), you may find that you lose your curves to do it. Women don't realize that the models on the cover of Oxygen or Women's Health are not the norm for women. Women are not that cut naturally. Women do need to carry some body fat to be healthy and if it goes to low, not only are we at risk for some medical issues, but we lose our curves too.

Now, are you engaged in a good strength training program ? Because if you do want defined arms, not only do you have to eat right to lower your body fat, but you have to engage in a good strength training program too.

DLDROST Posts: 8,082
1/27/11 12:13 P

3 quarters sleeves work great

KLPEFFERS Posts: 987
1/27/11 12:03 P

It's been said on here already, but its worth repeating. You can not target one area. You have to treat your whole body the same to see true results.

If you are looking for ways to build muscle in your upper arms remember to work the two muscle groups independently, bicepts and tricepts but don't forget about shoulders too. Sexy arms start at the top!

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1/27/11 11:54 A

Could not agree more with below post by ANARIE!!! You need cardio to burn the fat and strength training (probably more triceps if you're like me)to tone the muscles underneath. Unfortunately, until the flab starts coming off, you can only "feel" the toned muscles. BUT, WITH CONTINUED EFFORT, YOU WILL SOON BE ABLE TO "SEE" THEM AS WELL!

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ANARIE Posts: 13,200
1/27/11 11:50 A

They'll thin out as the rest of you does. You can't choose where the weight comes off first, and in fact, whatever body part bothers you the most always seems to stay fat the longest. (It doesn't really; it just seems that way because you notice it the most.)

As others have said, focus on getting to a healthy weight with good food and appropriate exercise, and all of you will slim down. There's nothing you can do to change your arms faster than the rest of you.

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1/27/11 11:35 A

Cardio exercise to burn fat, check your diet, and use weights to tone.

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1/27/11 11:30 A

We have to keep eating healthy and burning off fat we can't spot train any one particular area of the body..
Trust the process with nutrition cardio and strength training..

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1/27/11 10:35 A

I have really thick arms and they have a lot of muscle under the layer of fat on top. How can I make them look more thin and toned?

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