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9/7/13 7:19 A

If you get to the point of actual hunger; unfortunately, you have waited too long to eat. I eat every 3 hours hungry or not and as a result, if I don't eat at that time, I get really hungry. Try that approach because, I know for me, I had to teach my body the signals.

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9/7/13 7:08 A

It sounds as though you are listening to your body and your body is well and very adaptable.
You must also be young, because youth is forgiving. When something is wrong, you will know. It may not be timely, but it will catch up to you.

If you are ignoring pain, that is something else. I have a high threshold for pain and when immersed in work (distraction) I plow through. Then feel awful and weak and tired as soon as I get home. It's as though I only know two speeds. Full force and collapse.

We all need to work on positive energy control and pacing ourselves. Meditation and yoga works for me.

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9/7/13 4:44 A

I usually find it very hard to gauge changes in my body like energy and such. I don't recognize feeling "sluggish" or "energized" because as soon as I talk myself into doing something, I usually do it without problems.I don't get that energy rush from coffee or that sluggishness from a starchy meal.

I also find it hard to recognize hunger. I remember that I stopped eating for 3 days at some point due to tooth pain and other than feeling slightly lightheaded, nothing changed. I don't usually feel the "need" to eat, I eat when I feel the "want". Other than physical representations like growling stomach, I have no other indicators.

Stress is another factor I'm finding hard to measure, unless it's extreme (like climb the walls extreme)

Measuring non measurable things that weight loss has improved is proving to be challenging. I don't know if I have more energy, I don't know if I have less stress or if my "appetite" is under control.

These issues might be a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I'm finding it extremely easy to adhere to diet, and a curse because if something isn't working for my body I don't know if I will be able to recognize it.

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