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2/20/06 2:08 P


I understand what Diana means- if your treadmill incline is on 2.0 and it goes all the way to 10 (which many do), the calories burned difference is not going to be that large.

You're going to have to estimate since every treadmill is different. If you've got the incline about 1/3 as far as it will go, I would use 5%. If it's at 2/3 use 10% and if it's as high as it can go, use 15%. That's not exact, but should get you in the ballpark.

Hope that helps!

Coach Jen

2/20/06 1:48 P

but a 5.0 increase does not equal a 5% incline, that would be negligable. When I have the treadmill on 5.0 I am nearly falling off it backwards because its really steep. I don't think you understand the question.

DIANA11 Posts: 1,044
2/20/06 1:41 P

Whether you walk, jog or run, a 2% increase in incline does not make much of a difference when it comes to calories. It is about 10 calories/hour when you change the incline by 1%. I usually use a 2% incline when I run, that resembles outdoor running more than running on the treadmill at 0% incline. Sorry if it is not want you want to hear!

UCPTGIRL Posts: 221
2/20/06 1:32 P

I dunno about the incline...I just got that off the internet. Haven't really thought about it since I never use one that gives the % grade. Just sort of go with it.
Maybe one of the coaches will have a better idea or there may be a Fitness article that explains it.

2/20/06 1:27 P

That link didn't work for me :-/

At first I assumed 2.0 was 20% but when I entered it into the day's tracker, the calories were way off so I think it cant be 2.0=20%. If anyone has any advice on how to track this, please let me know! Or maybe the calories on the treadmill are just way off?

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2/20/06 10:06 A

hmm..I thought 2.0 incline meant 20%

UCPTGIRL Posts: 221
2/20/06 8:41 A

Doesn't seem to want to paste as a link...just copy and paste onto your browser.

UCPTGIRL Posts: 221
2/20/06 8:41 A


I found this on the internet about calculating your %incline on a treadmill. It involves manual measurments. Not sure if there is an easier way to calculate it though.

2/19/06 6:42 P

My treadmill only says .5,1.0,1.5 etc so if i have it set at 2.0, what percentage incline do i enter in when I track on the exercise tracker?

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