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2/15/13 11:02 A

Thank you for these suggestions! I have noticed that I feel the worst when I eat large amounts of bread -- even wheat -- at night. Perhaps switching to a different carb source will help with that. I try to calculate my calories for the day based on my activity level -- I assume a base rate of 1800 (I am 5' 4" and about 120lbs) and then add calories for running and weights. I am not trying to lose weight so I typically try to match calories in / out. For each meal I try to eat 150-200 calories of lean protein, 150-200 calories in healthy fat, and some dairy. I make up any remaining balance in carbs. For example at lunch I have 4oz chicken, 1 oz nuts, and about 300 calories of carbs. At night, because I have worked out so much by then, the carb ratio increases.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,275
2/15/13 7:31 A

i agree that you look pretty balanced based on what you said you eat. and that looks to be far more unprocessed than what most people eat.
but there are a few things that can cause a feeling of bloat. one is eating a lot of fiber, which you seem to be doing. another could be if you are eating something that you have issues with, dairy or gluten being the big guesses. artificial sweeteners can also do that in some people.
one of the easiest swaps i can see would be replacing the crackers in your lunch with a cooked grain like quinoa. you can cook it up the night before [or really, batch cook some once or twice a week] and have it cold with the chicken and the pistachios. another easy swap could be making up a batch of granola and having that and some fruit with your peanut butter instead of bread or crackers sometimes. a baked potato could also be an easy replacement.

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2/15/13 5:31 A

Be careful of being hypercritical of yourself. Your typical diet as you describe it sounds very healthy and balanced to me! It sounds like you're getting a good mix of vegetables, fruits, dairy, protein, and grains. How about just switching out the bread for whole wheat bread and the crackers for whole grain crackers? Small steps like that can help with bloating (the extra fiber should help). Try increasing the protein - add a few hardboiled eggs to your salad, maybe increase the chicken at lunch - as this should decrease your desire for processed carby stuff. But with the exercise you're doing (two workouts/day), you do need energy from carbohydrates. Also switch to dark chocolate kisses as those are more satisfying and better for you.

We aren't all cooks... I happen to love cooking but I know for a fact that you can eat healthy without spending an hour in the kitchen every day.

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2/15/13 5:27 A

how many calories are you eating minus the crackers and bread?

It sounds like you're not eating enough.

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2/15/13 4:29 A

One bite at a time

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
2/15/13 12:39 A

slow down.........take a deep breath. This can be done. Take one meal at a time and change it up the way you want it to go. Do that for 3 weeks and then change up another meal for 3 weeks and then another. you can do this. I am in your corner. maybe we can help each other.........?

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2/15/13 12:04 A

I keep very active by training for marathons and weight training. I have never had a problem motivating myself to exercise. However I know that if I had a better attitude and approach to food I would be happier and perform better. I read tons of diet books and websites and know a lot about nutrition. However, I consistently fail to apply this knowledge. I print out "healthy" grocery lists only to leave them in the car and buy all of my usual processed food. I look up meal plans and recipes but never implement them. I make the same mistakes day in and day out and end each day frustrated, upset, and angry at myself. What can I do to change my behaviors? What is it going to take for me to start following the advice in the books and websites I read?

On a typical day I wake up and do fasted cardio, then eat breakfast. Lately this has been a banana, yogurt, oatmeal, and peanut butter and crackers. For lunch I have salad with chicken, pistachios, and more crackers. For a snack I have a latte and a luna bar. I go to the gym again at night for weights and more cardio. When I get home I eat a huge salad with some kind of protein, fruit, cottage cheese and avocado. I usually eat bread and peanut butter in large quantities and then end my night with hershey's kisses.

I feel stuck in this pattern and ashamed that I do not cook healthier meals or plan better snacks around my workouts. I want to be a strong, healthy athlete not a slave to food.

I am full of excuses like the fact that I hate cooking or because I am so active it is okay to eat so many crackers and so much bread. However the truth is that I constantly feel bloated and fatigued. I have started to hate even thinking about food because I feel like such a failure. I don't like eating in front of people or eating in restaurants. I am terrified by cookbooks because whenever I cook something I just let it go bad.

I want to change and I want to be healthier. How and where do I even start? Sometimes I just want to go on Jenny Craig or something but the problem is that I am way too active for a diet like that. I need to eat a substantial amount of calories but I also need to eat whole natural foods at more regular intervals.


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