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ORNERY1227 Posts: 19
1/22/13 5:12 A

Thank you for your help! Looking forward to using the Recipe calculator
Have a blessed day!

1/21/13 7:11 P

We have a recipe calculator at Sparkpeople.
You enter the ingredients, and the number of servings. and you get the nutrition info/serving.
Save it. And you can easily add it whenever it is made.

Dietitian Becky

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1/21/13 6:19 P

well, they have homemade meatloaf, which I use as a 'good enough' approximation...
other option is to sum up all the ingredients you used and make your own entry (add up all the raw values then figure out how many pieces you cut it to get the per serving value), or just put in what you used directly.
When I make one of my jumbles (don't ask, picked it up in college and it stuck) I just put in what I tossed in the skillet and go with that... so an example from last week;
1/4 cup white rice
1tsp taco seasoning
1 pork leg steak (I minced this)
1 egg fried (figure this takes care of the smidge of oil I used)
and boom. There you go.
(and yes, its very tasty)

ORNERY1227 Posts: 19
1/21/13 6:09 P

I love the ability to scan barcodes and I find that I do this more, but I'm really lost when it comes to cooking meals for my family. How can I keep track of the ingredients I use? For example I made meatloaf with a combo of hamburger and turkey.

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