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4/5/13 1:43 P

You can give the calorie range of 1600-1800 an experiment and see if you are losing weight weekly. I know that most women would not lose on this amount.

To update your program--
Click above on MY TRACKERS, START
Scroll down and look at the left side of your screen. You will see an area where you can update your weight, your calories burned weekly through planned exercise and your goal for weight loss each week. Updating this information should give you a better estimate of your weight loss calorie range needs.

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4/5/13 1:36 P

I didn't know how to change the recommended calories. Now I know its by changing the goals. Another calorie counter put me at 1762 calories and another diet plan I was following said 1600-1800. So I'll go with that until I'm at a lower weight and re-evaluate. Thanks for the feedback.

4/4/13 3:53 P

No, not everyone receives a 1200-1550 calorie range here.

I guessed at your age and height; and used the weight shown on your ticker and a 2 pound weekly weight loss. The calorie range I received using the SP program was 1340-1690.

Have you checked the accuracy of the info you entered: age, weekly weight loss goal, height, weight, gender???

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4/4/13 1:20 P

Hi Katzaplenty!

That calorie range does seem really low, and I'm thinking that it may be because you set your goal date much too soon. I've found that the 1200-1550 minimum range tends to appear whenever someone is trying for too aggressive of a goal or when they're really close to their goal weight. Based on your ticker, I'm thinking that the earliest date that you should be using would be Sept. 6, 2014 (assuming around 2lbs per week) --- or, better yet, Dec. 31, 2014 (to give you some wiggle room).

I know that my range is higher than that, even with very little activity, because I based mine on both a longer time range, and on a number that is a fair bit higher than most people would go for. When I first signed up, I went with a 50lb loss over 50 weeks and had a range of 1800-2150 (if I remember correctly). That range worked great for me to start with, and it's working well for me now to just gradually drop the range as suggested by the SP automated program as my weight (and thus BMR) drop.

Maybe try playing around a bit with the goal weight and final goal date to see what difference those make. If it's still dropping you to the minimum, then I would recommend dropping a line to support to find out why it's not working right for you.

Good luck!

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4/4/13 12:49 P

Help: I've been searching all over the place to get info on how to get daily calorie recommendations. Spark had set it at 1200-1550 but is that what it recommends for everyone regardless of their current height, weight etc. I'm trying to find an appropriate program for myself but that seems low for me considering they recommend losing 2 lbs a week.
How do I get a program?

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11/23/12 8:19 A

To change your calorie goal, go to Nutrition then go to the bottom of the page and click on "change nutrition goal." There is an edit button for the number of calories you would like per day. SP has a recommendation for calories; however, you do not have to stick to that.

11/23/12 8:17 A

Just to clarify some misinformation on this thread...

Weighing and measuring your foods and beverages, tracking food intake and being at a calorie deficit is a research evidence-based weight loss recommendation for all. To suggest that one not count calories and go on a low carb diet is inaccurate information.

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11/22/12 8:16 P

Trust the process!

11/22/12 3:01 P

Isn't your SP calorie range 1200-1550???
Because you have a "less" amount of weight to lose to get your your goal weight--I doubt that you will need fewer calories to continue with weight loss. However, you may notice your rate of weight lost weekly may slow to about 1/4 to 1/2 pound.

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11/22/12 2:51 P

Actually you will eat more calories as you have less to lose. This is because you will be eating closer to your maintenance calories and will no longer be creating a deficit ( or as much of one). As long as your goals on your start page are accurate ( specifically your current weight and calories burned) then your ranges will be accurate too.

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11/22/12 1:48 P

So according to sparkpeople calorie log page I'm supposed to eat 1400 calories a day. I'm losing weight though and I know that the thinner I get the less calories I will need. I'm just wondering if there's a way to get the calories to lessen to what I truly need for my new weight. Thanks.

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