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5/17/13 4:25 A

I see my nephrologist on June 6st and will see what he says and what my lab results show. I actually am feeling better in most ways than I have in a long time so don't think it's a kidney problem. By that time (about 3 weeks) I should either get past this plateau or figure my body just wants to subsist n 1200 calories a day for maintenance!

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5/17/13 2:57 A

Because of your CKD, I think that you are best to discuss this with your Dr, just to check that it isn't something to do with that. As you would realize, you can retain fluid but not physically see the signs.

Good luck,

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5/17/13 2:15 A

For me, it starts with a week of no weight loss and this last one lasted a month.
Try eating at the high end of your calorie range for a few days while maintaining or cutting back a bit on your exercise.

I went over by 300 calories a couple of days, missed a day exercising due to working late and dropped a pound! Must have thrown my body a curve.

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5/16/13 3:11 P

I am losing little to no weight for the past months and sometimes I appear to be gaining. I have not stopped working out and am faithfully sticking to my nutrition plan at the low end. I measure everything I eat to be sure I'm not overestimating and usually I'm underestimating if anything. I have changed what I do for exercise, am sleeping eight hours a night and as far as I know I'm doing everything right. I am only 7 pounds from my goal but that goal is at the high end of what I should weigh at 5' 3" and a goal of 150 pounds. I suppose it could be fluid retention as I have CKD but I don't really see it. It would be easy just to not worry about it for a while and go to maintenance but it is so frustrating to be so close and not making any progress! Any thoughts?

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